Never Fall for a Spy

Hey there my name is Bella Horan but shhh! no one can know. Well my cover name is Andrea Jenkins. why a cover name you ask? Well... You will just have to find out...


20. breaking down

luke's threats became reality for Andrea he appeared in her nightmares, haunting her every night she could barely fall asleep fearing that her loved ones would be torn from her.

Andrea/Bella's POV

I have been in the hospital for a couple days now the pain? I feel ok, really numb, if the medicine wore off I would most likely be screaming in unbearable pain. I over heard the doctor and Niall talking yesterday...


As I awoke my eyes fluttered open, my mouth was dry and my eyes had bags beneath them,  my back was to the door, I could hear soft voices only a couple feet away from me, but what really caught my attention was when I heard my name...

"is Andrea going to really have to have surgery, doctor, please do what you need to do but its hard enough on her already I don't think she really needs to have her leg removed I mean its only infected right just give her medicine-" Niall began to rant his voice getting louder

"please hush Niall I will see what I can do but for now let her rest and try not to wake her" the doctor then left the room and Niall went to take a seat  I don't want my leg to be removed please God it will make my life so hard! I then pretended to wake up...

 Niall's Pov
"I still can't believe it..." I sit myself on a chair across from Bella's hospital bed.

"What? That you found me?" She rubs her eyes, stretching her arms out looking towards me.

"Yes! All these years...I've never stopped."

"I thought my family was gone forever, but it was fate that united us back together after these past years."

"We have to tell my mo- well our mom." I scratch my neck.

"Why? They gave me up because they couldn't afford me, right?"

"Oh, c'mon Bella. Don't say that." I stand up walking over to her bedside.

"I wasn't worth the effort to work hard! Isn't that right?!" She snaps at me.

"Bella, let's not argue right now. You're still recovering." I lightly push her back in bed.

"No! You made the comment! If they loved me, I would of never been put up for adoption! I wouldn't have had to live this secret life that's full of lies! My life could of been fine."

"Fine! You want to argue? My parents worked day and night to afford a plate of food for you! They'd come home crying because the table wouldn't be filled with food! After mum divorced dad, Greg and I had to be independent! I had to do my own things at a very young age because dad worked day and night still after all those years! All they ever thought about was you!" Sweat forms on my forehead running down the side of my face. I calm my breathing walking to the window. I sure felt horrible for saying what I said before , but it had to be said.

I hear ruckus go on behind me. I quickly turn back to see Bella taking off the cords attached to her body. I run over to her, stopping her. "What are you doing?!" I grab her by her shoulders.

"Let me go!" She scowls at me.

"You still need to heal!" I shout at her.

"I said- let me go!" She forcefully pushes me back as I land on the chair sitting down. I watch her take the rest of the cords off as she limps out to the hall. I can tell she is in pain but she keeps going.

"Bella! Get back in here!" I follow behind her. We pass by Zayn's room. I swing the door open looking over at Liam. "Liam, Bella just walked out of her room! We need to get her back in!" He runs out looking around spotting Bella.

"Bella, you need to stay!" Liam exclaims. She turns staring back at us. Liam jogs towards her, wrapping his arms around her. I stood still in place not moving. I watch the two as Liam hugged her. She breaks down in his arms sobbing.

"please Liam don't let them do it please" she begged and pleaded

"I don't know what your talking about but don't worry you will be ok" Liam whispered trying to calm her down

I decide to leave the two alone walking over to Zayn's room.

"Is Andrea alright?!" Zayn sits up, worry filled his eyes.

"Uh, yeah, she just needed a breather. It'll be fine Zayn." I assure him. He settles back down in bed again, fiddling with his thumbs.

I should of never said those things to her...

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