Never Fall for a Spy

Hey there my name is Bella Horan but shhh! no one can know. Well my cover name is Andrea Jenkins. why a cover name you ask? Well... You will just have to find out...


1. who to capture

                                         Chapter 1: Who to Capture




  As you may have heard I am a spy. I work for the British government I take care of the unwanted and bring in the wanted.  All my life I trained I've been on about 69 missions I am a trained assassin I can kill a grown man twice my size in under a minute I am a black belt and I can make a weapon out of almost anything. Most of my missions have been stealing weapons, artifacts plus stolen gold and museum objects, until my boss "Einstein" ( I know hilarious right) called me into the office one day telling me I had an important mission and only I could do.   Flashback to 2014.  Bella's POV Uggg! My alarm is so loud! I thought to my self but im so tired so i drifted back to sleep...   I squinted my tired eyes open to see it was 7:29am  Crap! I was supposed to meet Ryan an hour ago! I dragged my self out of bed and got dressed as quick as possible then put on my blue converse and ran out the door I arrived at the office after about 15 minutes of running to see an angry Ryan waiting in the conference room

"Hey Ryan" i said smiling sheepishly

"Bella I told you to call me Einstein for the hundredth time this month I know we just changed our cover names but we must practice so we don't blow our covers on missions" he replied with a sigh.

"But you just called me Bella" I said sassily crossing my arms just to annoy him more.

"Fine. Andrea get your but over here young lady you are late and this is going to be one of the most important missions of your life!" He said angrily. I walked over and sat down next to him "listen this is important, this time you don't need to steel something-" I cut him off

"then why is this so important?" I asked confused.

"Because you don't need to steel something you need to steel some one" he said. My mouth dropped open

"are you sure I'm ready to?" I asked worriedly

" no I am not sure but this is important, but I haven't told you the hardest part yet, the person you must capture is um... Well famous" he finished

"ok" I said he smiled at me and said

" that's my girl" I smiled while picking up the file and walking to my car... I entered the house then locked the door and closed all the window shades then I walked over to the table and opened the file hmmm I thought to my self

"Liam Payne" it stated at the top of the first page underneath the name there was a picture of a guy in his early twenties  he had a quiff and was fairly muscular and pretty hot I must say my self. I snapped out of dream land and turned the page it read

Name: Liam James Payne

Date of birth: August  29  1993

Age: 20

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brown

Height: 5' 8

Home town: Wolverhampton Family: Geoff (father)  Karen (mother) Ruth (sister) Nicola (sister)

Job:  in a band "one direction"   I have heard of the band one direction before and I have listened to some of their music but I have never seen them before I flipped the page to see a description then a picture. the description read:

One direction is a British boy band that is world wide famous and consists of four British and one Irish member, Liam Payne, Harry styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan.   Then underneath  the page displayed a picture of all the boys  I flipped the page again and the part I was most scared of was what I had to do to complete the mission...

Dear Andrea Jenkins,   This is Einstein writing you. To complete this mission you must keep your cover, kidnap the person described in the file,  bring them in without getting caught and the person must be alive I hope you understand I cannot tell you why this person but I will tell you your pay  3.5 million please complete this mission or things may end up bad for you and many others so stay focused and complete this mission -Einstein

This message will self destruct in 5 seconds... 4... 3... 2... 1... The paper caught on fire like usual so I poured a glass of water on it.                I sighed looking at the time it was now 10:28pm so I decided to go to bed I have a long day ahead of me.


Hey everyone this is my first chapter to "never fall in love with a spy" so I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it I hope you like, fave, please comment if you like it or if you have any awesome ideas to make this story better and keep reading :)             Thanks! -Ana

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