Memories never die

If only he would listen to me, instead of his music. If only he would turn around and see that I am here. Instead he just tunes me out and ignores me. Yet his time is running out. And I am his guardian. Guardian angel.


4. True to your heart

                                                             Rocco's now 13. He is still in my protection. I don't think I could ever leave him. Not that I want to. I still have the burden of half his pain and loneliness on my shoulders. He has friends he says only because he died his hair brown and always wears dark sunglasses. I hate how he hides his beautiful eyes and his unique hair. All just to do the thing called 'fitting in'.

                                                           I tell him that they probably won't care about his hair or his eyes.  If they were his real friends they would love him for the way he is. I tell him this over and over again. Yet I have the feeling that he is tuning me out. I got this gut-wrenching feeling just the other day during this conversation.

" Rocco will you stop dying your hair and remove the glasses,"

" No"

" Please for me?''

" No"

" Why not?''


" Are you even listening to me?''

" Yes and NO"

                                          I gave up after that little comment. I felt hurt and sad. I wished he would listen to me. It's for his own good I thought a little self-righteous. I started to make a miracle. It was after he went to sleep I put the miracle on him. It rippled through his hair turning it back to it's natural snow color. I also hid his glasses. I waited for him to get up.

                                                               <><><>ROCCO'S P.O.V<><><>

                                                         I woke and scratched my back. I felt bad for what I said to Aya yesterday. She was just being so annoying. She wouldn't stop pestering me about my hair. So what if I dyed it brown! Also she was on me about my sunglasses. Sometimes I wished that she would just go away.

                                           I whistled my favorite song and got myself some breakfast. After that I went into the bathroom to brush my hair. I saw a sight that I had not seen in years.... My white hair. I screamed and cussed. I knew who did this. There was only one person after all. Correction only one angel.

                                  I called her name. Aya came down from no where and smiled at me. She kissed my forehead like she always did,'' Hello Rocco. You don't look happy? Becoming a Night Owl I suppose?'' she asked her young face angelic as ever. " NO,'' I said rudely. Aya frowned,'' That's not nice,'' she huffed and disappeared into thin air. I tried to call her back but, to no avail.

                                                 To make matters worse the bus was already here. So I couldn't grab my glasses. I barely made it on. The bus driver didn't even give me a second glance but, sure as hell everybody else did. I sat in the back by myself. Then when I got to school almost everybody laughed at me. Abnormal. Was the word I heard the most.

                                                      By lunch I was about to embrace the fact that I was now a loner. Yet two people came up to me. One was sunset colored hair girl and a dark brown haired guy. " Hey it looks like you need a friend,'' the girl smiled awkwardly. The guy nudged me,'' Cally doesn't smile that often. Think of it as a gift. I'm Dayle by the way,'' he gave a questioning motion towards the table. I let them sit down and we started talking. Mhmmm maybe Aya was right.


                                                                    Of course I was right.

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