Memories never die

If only he would listen to me, instead of his music. If only he would turn around and see that I am here. Instead he just tunes me out and ignores me. Yet his time is running out. And I am his guardian. Guardian angel.


3. First day of school

                                                             He was getting older by the day I thought. He was becoming quiet though. No longer as happy. I thought on this for a long time. Rocco would sometimes stare in the mirror with just as much intensity as with the window. One day I threw a rock at it.  It shattered at his feet. He looked up at me with questioning eyes,'' Why did you do that?''.

                                                         I shrugged my shoulders and stretched my wings,'' I don't know why do you keep staring at yourself?''. Rocco was silent his snow hair falling in his face. " Am.....I-I a f-freak?'' he stammered tears flooding his eyes. My heart filled with sadness,'' Oh no. Rocco who told you that?'' I wrapped my feathery wings around him, the colors swirling together to make it seem white. " N-no o-one. Just me,'' he was full on crying now. " Why would you say that about yourself?'' I asked him hugging tighter.

                                                      " C-cause w-w-where e-ever I-I l-look n-n-nobody's is like me,'' he cried. I shook my head sadly,'' Rocco. Nobody is entirely the same and if that's what's making you sad please get over it, also you have a whole new day of school a head of you,'' I smiled flying into the kitchen. Miss Vandere was already at work. I respected her for being so hard working but, I couldn't help but, critique her for not spending as much time with Rocco.

                                                       I fixed him some cereal, with a orange and a glass of water. I smiled when I saw the lunch bag on the counter. Maybe she does care. I thought to myself. Rocco came into the room the tears gone from his eyes. I smiled as he ate his breakfast, got his lunch, and went off to school. For a while I rested the scene drifting away from sight. I saw other things, auras, spirits, emotions, and light in it's purest form.

                                                       Suddenly I felt a hook jab at me. I cried out in surprised pain. My wolf like eyes tearing up in pain. I was wrenched from my resting place and plopped down in front of an even more horrifying scene. Rocco was curled up on the floor being kicked by other students. Nobody would help him and the teachers were to far away to see it. My anger rose up and it's never wise to anger an angel.

                                                      This time when I made a miracle it was a dark black. When I looked at it I felt sick. This was my anger that had creeped into the miracle making it curse. An angel's curse. I threw it at those boys my anger receding as it got closer to them. Soon they all tumbled down to the ground in pain. Begging who ever did it to stop. Sadly I couldn't stop the curse, just like I couldn't stop a miracle.

                                                             I went over to a now unconsous Rocco the kicks were really bad. I took away half his pain and gave myself the burden. I took away half his loneliness and put it on my shoulders. " Slept tight Rocco,'' I said to him brushing his white hair out of his face.

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