Memories never die

If only he would listen to me, instead of his music. If only he would turn around and see that I am here. Instead he just tunes me out and ignores me. Yet his time is running out. And I am his guardian. Guardian angel.


2. A sky full of stars

                                                               <><><> 5 years later <><><>

                                                           Rocco was staring out the window as usual. His pure white hair messy and so was his shirt. He was active when the sun was out, but when it came to night time he was attracted to the window like a magnet. I sighed and fluttered from the corner of his room, making his proud tower of legos fall down. I may be an angel but, I wasn't perfect.

                                          Rocco didn't even notice just kept staring at the window. I sat next to him not daring enough to say a word. His rose eyes were fixed on the sky. I tried to get his attention but, nothing worked. Finally I just stared at the stars just like he did. They just sat there like jewels on black velvet. It seemed as if a greedy robber's hands could just pick them up at any time. But, the hands never came.

                                                       " Aya. You are so lucky...." he whispered his nickname for me." Why am I so lucky?" I asked him my yellow eyes looked at him. Instead he asked me another question,'' Why do you stay here on earth when you can be there.... In the sky. With the stars...." Rocco trailed off. I hugged him,'' Oh Rocco. Right now your my top priority,'' I told him the candy-coated truth.

                                        He was quiet for a while again. The silence made me uncomfortable. An idea wormed it's way into my head. Slowly I opened the window, " Trust me,'' was all I said as I grabbed his hand in mine.


                                                        <><> ROCCO'S P.O.V<><>

                                                                 Aya grabbed my hand and hauled me out the window. She told me to trust her so that's what I did. What else could I do? I heard her wings give a familiar flutter. I felt very light all of the sudden. Soon the cold night air rushed against my cheeks. The stars seemed so close now, like I could just reach out and grab them. My shirt flailed against my chest. I let out an exhailerated laugh. So amazing!

                                                              I heard Aya sing a song. Her voice was so beautiful, yet she did not sing often,'' Lucy in the diamonds,'' was the only words my mind could de-code. Though I really didn't care. This was a dream come true. I hoped to never forget this day EVER again. I  felt a drop and my stomach gave a flip. " Sorry,'' Aya apologized. I could tell she was getting tired. " Let's go home,'' I whispered to her. " That sounds great she said looking so young and ancient at the same time.

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