We friends or more (ON HOLD)

My neighbors moved a year ago and no one has moved in till now but there no normal people there one direction. I also broke up with my boyfriend a month ago and I think Liam likes me will we be friends or more.

Chloe: r u friends or more because idk please tell me

Read more to find out what the answer is


5. oh no Taylor's mad

Chloe's pov

I'm half awake and I'm just laying there and I just realized I'm naked and I'm cold so I open my eyes and don't know where I am until I look at Liam laying there and I remember what happened last night. I know Liam's awake but he has his eyes closed the reason I know he's awake is because I see a bulge under the covers and I say "Liam I know ur awake" and I got onto his lap but he's still covered up and then I kissed his chest and all over when he moaned and looked down at me and I looked at him so I decided to crash my lips onto his he did the same to mine he sat up and removed the covers out from under me and I'm sitting on him bare and I get this July of electricity and started grinding on him while we make out then he finally stopped me and grabbed his dick and pushed it I time and I started grinding onto him he flipped me over to were he is hovering over me. We had sex until we comed so we got into the shower after when we got out I put on my bra and panties with the shorts his mom let me borrow Liam put on his underwear and jogging pants he was about to put in his shirt but I yanked it out of his hands and put it on he said "give me back my shirt" I said "no thank u" he said "then I'll have to take it off of u myself" he came at me and I said "no u can't ur mom is right there and i am only in a bra under this" he said "damn it" I miles to my self and his mom said "breakfast is ready" wow she must don't care if Liam has a girl over and having sex with her I'm the house I went into the kitchen to help her get the dishes and she said "I've never seen Liam this happy with a girl before he must love u so much" I smiled and said "I haven't been this happy sense my dad died" she said "that's good but not for ur dad I'm sorry for ur lost" I said " it's ok" my phone used its Taylor

Taylor: ur ass is in so much when u get home

I laughed and showed it to Liam he didn't laugh so I stopped I said " I should get home Taylor's waiting" his mom handed me my clothes and I put them on and handed his mom her clothes and put on his shirt when we got to his house I said "I'll see u later" really fast and kissed his cheek I ran to my house and opened the door and Taylor is waiting in the living room when I got there she said "what the fuck do u think ur doing going to Liam's I told u to stay away from him" I said "don't tell me the fuck what to do ur not my father so stop acting like it" I regret saying that and she punched in the face for that to and she said "I'm sorry I can't so that I promised ur dad I would keep u safe" she looked at my eye and said "chloe I'm so sorry I didn't mean to punch u that hard" I said "it's ok I deserved that" she said "ur still in big trouble" I said "what time is it" she said "12:00" I said "shit I'm gonna be late to class" I ran upstairs and went into my room took off my clothes got into the shower and rinsed off when I got out I put on bra and undies with jogging pants and a spots bra over my bra and a crop top that says "bitch please" and some Nikes and combed my hair and straitened it grabbed my Jim bag with my extra clothes and my keys phone and sunglasses and ran to my car and got in

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