Random one shots


1. limited time

Samantha Taylor a girl aged seventeen was destined to die at a certain time. No one knew when or how. All they knew was that they didn't have much time to waste. She goes to her friend, she tells him how she felt about him. She hopes he feels the same way, what will happen next??

Her friend was Connor Franta.

She was destined to die today, the Stars had told her so, she wanted her last words to be that she loved him. But Samantha didn't know that her death would be by a car hitting her, and even less did she know Connor would try to save her life. she stepped inside the wooden house for what it seemed to be the last time. "This is the last time I am going to be able to do this" said looking at the floor. Which her feet had touched. "I guess this is good bye. I suppose" she said as stepped out the door into the cold.

This was the last time she would hug Connor Franta, but in an odd way, she was content with that. At least, this way, she would actually have the courage to say "I love you."

She walked in and found him sitting in the lounge room. She took a deep breath and went to go talk to him. This time she would have told him that it was her last day. Her last day and she wanted to spend it with him. No one else, just him. Like all the other days in the past

He seemed confused at first, she expected him too, but he agreed. The first thing they did was walk out on the pier, where she had hoped as would confess.

She looked at him and said "Ireally like you, I mean I love you. More than a friend. If you don't feel the same way for me. Well thats fine because this is the last time. I am ever going to be able to see you. No I am not going back home, the truth is. This is the last day"

"Last day? What do you mean?"

"I'm going to die at midnight tonight." I told him.

He didn't ask any questions. In fact, he didn't say anything at all. He just grabbed my shoulders and crashed his mouth into mine. It wasn't the sweet kiss I imagined, it was better. I was sad when he pulled away and had this sullen sad expression spread across his face. "I'm sorry, if I had known. I would have told you sooner." I said to him. Then an idea popped up in my mind. "Why don't we have pizza and stick ice cream on it" I said to him.

"That always had been our thing," he laughed, "let's go"

I started walking before he did, so he grabbed my hand to catch up.

He used to grab my hand all the time, so it wasn't that big of a deal, but, this time, he didn't have his usual smirk, he had a tempting smile.

As I walked with him to the pizza shop, a sprite of hope kicked in. Maybe I could survive, no I already said this is my last day. So I am going to spend it alive and here with him. We got the pizza and afterwards. We had to get the ice cream. Which people gave us weird looks but we didn't care.

I looked into his green eyes, that were sometimes blue depending on what he was wearing, and took a bite. I never lost his gaze, and he never lost mine. After I heard him laugh because I had ice cream smeared across my cheek. I went to wipe it off with a napkin. But it was too sticky to wipe off.

When he finished laughing he said, "here." And wiped it off with his thumb, "if it's going to be your last day, then you should at least get to spend it with a clean face."

I re-stuffed my mouth with pizza, still hungry except trying not to get my face dirtied at the same time.

The clock stroked midnight, and I ran outside. This was it.

Bright head lights blinded me and I stopped in the middle of the road to let it hit me. Connor yelled, "Samantha!" And jumped in front of the car.

Maybe the destiny wasn't for me to die, maybe it was him too.

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