When we lost it


2. something unexpected (chapter 2)

Valerie's pov

"A boat?"

He nodded

i got my suitcase out of the trunk

As i was walking i remembered the call zayn was in, and i realized that i was ready to expect anything.

"Valerie need help?"

"Im ok thanks tho"



"Ready to go?"


"Ok lets go"

We started walking to the boat until zany's phone started buzzing he clicked the green button


"So our plan is still on right?"

"What!?, i told you that i dont want to talk about it!"

*hangs up*

"Is everything ok zayn?"


"Lets just go"



Zayns pov

Ugh going to kill that jerk. if he calls me again i will throw my phone.

But I'm really nervous about how things are going on. what if she finds out? what if everything goes wrong?


Hey there chapter 2 is up hope u like-tina

Hey there

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