When we lost it


1. nervous (chapter 1)

I woke up there was zayn he told me that he wanted to take me for the weekend but i didn't understand how he got in my room i saw the window open and i just guessed he climbed up the window oh well, i told him that i wasn't sure if mom would let me but he just told me "valerie, babe that doesn't matter because i love you" i just stood there thinking if i leave what would mom say "what if she makes me end our relationship" i told him and told that would never happen we hugged each other and was a silent moment until i said that i would talk to my mom.

Zayn (P.O.V)

I was not sure if i was making her happy or just nervous.she went down stairs and she said to wait here in her room her room is kind of cool, it had a big closet ,a chandelier and purple curtains.

Valerie's (P.O.V)

My mom was making breakfast and before i told her good morning she said without looking "oh hi sweetie" hi mom i want to talk to you oh sure she said just let me finish breakfast. She walked over to me and said "what do want to talk about" and i said mom some friends invited me to camp over the weekend and i was wondering if i could go? she didn't talk and for about 3 minutes she said yes, i do let you but, but what i said , you have to come back completely ok YESS,i will thanks mom. i went to my room and Zayn was sitting on my bed i told him that she said yes but i told her that i would go with some friends.Zayn said that he was going to his house to pack and told me that we would meet in the coffee shop,but before he left i told him to where are we going and he said "surprise sunshine". in my mind i said what i was going to wear because i had no idea were he was going to take me. i packed a bikini some shirts,jeans,skirts,converses,heels,and a dress. i thought that was enough. i took a 20 minute shower and realized that Zayn would be waiting oh gosh I'm late i just put on a shirt ,jeans,my converse,and a jean jacket. i slightly applied some makeup and told my mom that i was late i kissed her goodbye and when to the coffee shop.

I saw him there standing with two cups of coffee "i got this for you babe" zayn said. Thanks babe,

After we chatted for ten minutes he finally said "its time, time for us to go. Zayn showed the way to his car and drove. After fifteen minutes we stopped at a gas station, zayn said he needed to make a quick call.I was getting nervous because what if i didn't bring the right type of clothes what i don't have enough clothes "ugh I'm messed up" i said out loud. I looked for zayn out the window and i saw him getting mad, i could hear somethings he was saying he said he didn't have time for this and that he would arrive soon , that brought to my mind that we were not going to be alone.

Zayn entered the car

"Sorry if i took to long."

"Its ok"

He nodded and then started up the engine and we were off.

~~~30 minutes later~~~~~~~~

"Were here" Zayn said

"Yay I'm exited"

Valerie's pov

I looked up and saw a boat

"A boat?"

"He nodded"

"Why a boat?"

"You will see later"

I was nervous.


Hi everyone this my first book and i hope you like it.☻ -tina

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