My life

Hi I'm Kayla. I'm 16 years old. I have 1 brother he is my twin and he is called Josh. And I have a baby sister called Erin she's 6 months old.

Well that's about it. Bye


1. The Hospital

Kayla's P.O.V

It was a Saturday afternoon. I was coming out of the hospital with my mam, dad and my brother Josh. My sister was at home with my auntie Mary.

I was at the hospital because I was playing football with my football team when my knee dislocated but when it dislocated I just got up of the ground and didn't tell anyone what happened.

But at the end of the match we won so all my teammates jumped on top of me because I scored the last goal. But when they jumped on me I screamed in pain because my knee started to hurt really badly.

So my teammates jumped of me and my friend Ciara called coach over. When he came over my mam and dad where behind him. Coach asked me if I was okay. I said no my knee hurts.

So coach looked at it and asked me if it dislocated and I said yes. He said why didn't you tell us instead of walking on it and hurting it more. I said I just wanted to win the match so bad and I didn't want to come of and have everyone worry about me.

So coach looked at me again and said okay but we need to get you to the hospital. So my dad called Josh over he was talking to some friends and told him to carry me to the car so he can ring auntie Mary and tell her we will be a bit longer. So Josh put me in the car and mam and dad got in to and we drove to the hospital.

So when we got there dad told the reception what happened and the nurse at the reception said that there will be a doctor with me in a minute. So we waited a few minutes and then the doctor came and called me in to his room so Josh carried me in to the room and put me on the bed while him, mam and dad sat on chairs.

So the doctor looked at my leg and said that I will have to get an X-ray on it but he thinks I might have to get a cast. I said okay and he wheeled me in to the X-ray room and got and X-ray on my leg. When the X-ray was done the doctor wheeled me back in to my hospital room and said to wait here until the X-Ray comes back so my and my family waited an hour until they finally came back.

The doctor said that I broke my kneecap so I have to get a cast from my hip down to my ankle. So he went and got the stuff to put the cast on and got me red crutches and he put on the cast and told my to be careful and to rest my leg.

So that's how I'm at the hospital.

*i hope you like this chapter it's short but I promise to make the next one longer and one direction are in the next one so hope you like it ~ Lauren xx 🙊👌

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