My life

Hi I'm Kayla. I'm 16 years old. I have 1 brother he is my twin and he is called Josh. And I have a baby sister called Erin she's 6 months old.

Well that's about it. Bye


3. Sleeping Arrangements

Niall's P.O.V.

I feel so sorry for Kayla because she didn't get to go to Spain with her parents and her brother but that's why me and the boys are here. Were here to make her happy and help her with Caitlin and help her when she has the surgery.

Kayla's P.O.V

When we got to my house we got out of the car and Niall brought Caitlin in and I got the spare key from under the mat and opened the door and we went in to the sitting room and sat on the couch and Niall put Caitlin down on the floor beside me and him and the boys sat down. I looked at Caitlin and she was asleep so I left her in her car seat.

We talked for a few minutes but then Caitlin started to cry. So I told the boys I was going to get her bottle so I hopped and got her bottle and when I got back to the sitting Caitlin was crying really loudly and the boys were trying to get her car seat open but they couldn't.

So I went and sat down were I was before and I opened Caitlin's seat and took her out and put her on my knee and put the bottle in her mouth and she stopped crying and the boys looked at me with weird face so I said what and they said how did you do that and I said she was hungry because she was last feed at 2:00pm and it's 6:00pm now. And the said oh and started there own conversation.

When Caitlin was half way through her bottle I lift her sleepy body up so she was sitting with my hand under her chin and on patting her back so I could wind her and when I was patting her back she burp and got sick all over my T-shirt and shorts. The boys saw what happened and they laughed but Niall didn't he took Caitlin off me and told me to go get changed and that he would feed Caitlin. I said okay and went and got changed.

I changed in to my light grey sweatpants and my black crop top showing my belly button piercing. Once I was dressed I went down stairs to see Caitlin asleep in Niall's arms I smiled when I saw it.

So I went in to the sitting room and I sat down beside Niall. When Niall saw me he smiled and I smiled back. We stared in to each others eyes until Louis screamed would you kiss already. I started to blush really badly and then Harry shouted she's blushing. And I said no I'm not and put my head in to a pillow. All the boys laughed but Niall he grabbed the pillow from me and through it at them.

When they stopped laughing Niall asked me were they were sleeping. And I said 4 of you's will be sleeping in the spare room because there's a double bed and a blow up bed and one of you's will be sleeping in my room to help me with Caitlin because she has to stay in my room. And the boys said okay and that Niall will stay in my room I said okay and that I'm going to bed because I'm tired and the rest of the said there going to I told Niall to bring Caitlin up in to my room and that it's up stairs the first door on the left and I told the other boys that there room is up stairs the first door on the right and then we went to bed.

*hope you like this chapter it's a bit short but I only a few hours to do it because the blessings of the graves were on today so hope you like it ~ Lauren 🙊👌

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