Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?



Louis pov.

I felt bad since we had to leave the Giles to walk home in there on. But we can't get out of sound check. "That's what makes you beautiful " Harry ended the song. While he was doing warm ups I went to get water. Beep beep. I check and hazzas phone vibrated. I picked it up and it was a text that said 'fuck off' from my own daughter!

I unlocked his phone and went to msg. I look at the messeges sent.

-sort we can't come. Not.

-Your just jealous. Ask m dad if I can have friends over for a project.

-your dad's dead.

-fuck off.

I'm going to kill Harry. How could he say that. I threw his phone at zayn. "Call Ana and see if she is okay. Look at his phone." He mummers a yes and I walk on stage.

"Fuck you Harry fuck you!"I slapped him in the face and then Paul grabbed me. "What's going on?!?"Paul yelled. "Ask Harry. Since he has enough mouth to tell my daughter about her DEAD parents. Fuck you Harry. Fuck you." Then I walked off the stage.

Alana's pov.

"Okay so you do the begging, then I'll jump in. We'll do it together. Then separate again."luke says. It's already 7pm and we are just now almost done.

"Okay, Alex. You can sleep over if you want. My room is big enough. Luke you can go home we were done. "I said. "But why can't I sleep over?i throw the best pillow fights. " I rolled my eyes and we got started.


"I don't mind

You let me done easy,

But just give it time.

If you don't hurt now

Just wait a while,

Your not a big fish in the pound no more,

You are what they're feeding on."

Luke and I:

"So what are you going to do when the whole

World won't orbit around you

Ohh ohh ooohh so

What are you ganna do when the whole world won't fool with you. Ohh ohh oooha"


"Ain't it fun,

Living in the real world.

Ain't it good

Being all alone. "


"Where you from?

You might be the one who's running things

Where you can ring any body's bell and get what you want.

Cause it's easy to ignore trouble

When your living in a bubble. "


"So what are you ganna do when the whole world won't orbit around you.

So what are you ganna do when the whole world won't fool

With you.

Ain't it fun.

Living in the real world.

Ain't it good

Being all alone.


Luke and Alex:

"Don't go crying to your mama

Cause your on your own in the real world

Don't go crying to your mama cause your on your own in the real world.

Ain't fun

Ain't fun

Baby now you one of us"

Me: ain't it fun ain't it fun

Ain't it fun!

Ain't it,

Being all alone.

Ain't it good

Being part of us.

Ain't it good to be your own"


Ain't it fun can't count on no one

Ain't it good

Being all alone. " (cut it short for a reason)

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