Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?


35. yay!

Alana's pov.

I haven't

Been home in a week. I've stayed at Alexa houses an we had so much fun. I got

19 calls from dad

23 from Harry

45 calls and 28 voicemails from zayn

15 calls from Lima

18 from Niall

And 18 from Marianna.

I didn't bother reading them. I told zayn to fuck off and he's been tweeting stuff about how he made a mistake and shit. But I don't care. He did that to me after everything. Wait. I thought she was with Harry. We're was Harry? Did he know? Oh my god. I made the dumbest mistake. Harry was with my dad. She was just there to piss me off. Shit! I left a note for Alex telling her I'll be at my house.

I ran down the street and I didn't look we're I was going. A few moments later I tripped over the side walk. "Shit" I mumbled to myself. My leg was drooling with blood. I sat myself in a ally till down one approached me. He looked like I've seen him before. Do I know him? "Do I know you?" "I'm calum, Luke's friend. Here I'll help you." The. He took off his shirt reviling his abs. He warped his shirt around my leg to stop the bleeding. Next thing I knew that ruined the moment was zayn stepping in.

"Are you okay?!?" He screams. He came between calum and I. I saw that calum was upset that zayn was here. "I'm fine." He picks me up and we get in the car. I left calum standing there. I feel bad. We got home an zayn cleans my cuts. The whole time he tried to explain what happened I kept talking over him. "She kissed me I would neve-" "I understand. That's why I am back." I said. He kissed me and started the plans again.

(Yes!!!! Zayn and Alana! Ship names? I was thinking like, zana? Or Alayna? You pick. Don't forget to follow me on twitter. @krauslily or on Instagram @lils_roseyxx. Bye directioners. I need a girlfriend of Harry Styles.

I got the girlfriend for Liam. :Brook


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Likes to do cheer sing and hang with friends.

-I was thinking about calana? Calum and Alana?- comment. Or kik me @lilyrose419. Bye.)

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