Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?


34. school fight

Alana's pov.

I woke up with the sound of lighting.

Marianna's up in her room. And every one is asleep. It's 5:45 so I guess I'll get ready for school now. I'm in no mood to be needed with.

'From luke. Need a ride? I got Alex too.' I replied with a yes and got ready. I am wearing my blue skinny jeans. White air jordens. And my New York crop top. I curl my hair and do my normal make up. I walk out of the shower and get dressed.

"I'm leaving!!!!!! A friend of mine needs a ride!" Harry screamed. I went down stairs and no one is up yet. I make myself breakfast and some for luke and Alex. An we'll extras for who ever wants some.

To luke'I made pancakes and bacon. Come in. Don't knock.'

When I had everything on plates it's already 7:15 I have to leave for school in a half hour. I guess I'll wake the others up.

I went to wake Marianna and told her to go eat and get dressed. Then dad and Liam and Niall. "Dad wake up!" I yell and he jumps out of bed.

"I made breakfast by the way. And luke and Alex are driving me and Mari to school. So you can go back to bed and eat later if you want." He nods and goes back to sleep. I leave a note for zayn telling him I miss him and stuff.

"Theses are sooo yummy."Niall says. Half my pancakes are gone. "Save some for the others!" I put some food on my plate and Marianna's and then luke and Alex come threw the door.

"Smells good." Alex says grabbing a plate. She passes one to like and they dig in.

After we're eating we say good bye to Niall and tell him not to eat all da food. And we head off to school. I get to school and give Mari some money for lunch.

I got to my locker and people are standing around my locker? I do my code and people took out there phones. I open it and a big bucket of yogurt spills all over me. "You fucking ass hole!" I yell I push Jen to the floor. "Don't blame me, blame him" she points to a guy with curls. That's Harry. He came up to help Jen."hey babe."he kisses her.

"Fuck you Harry. Fuck you." I walk away and go to the bathrooms. "Here, it's my extra pants and lukes sweatshirt." She hands me the clothes. "Thanks. I can't believe him. He is so mad at me cause I'm dating zayn." I go to the stall and get dressed. I came out and the sweatshirt is baggy as he'll on me.

"I can't believe him." I washed the yogurt out of my hair.

"Luke's at your house right now. He got the whole thing on video. And the part of Harry. So he Is screwed." Finally. Maybe now my dad will do something.

"C'mon. I get some revenge to do." Me and Alex skip school. First we get some nail polish. Then wires. Hair dye and cooking spray. She is going down.

"C'mon let's go back." We got to school and it's 5th period. So math. We wait till the bell rings to stray math. Me and Alex roam the schools. First we go to the gym locker rooms. Since we have gym after lunch it will be first. We go to Jens shower and put hair dye in her shampoo.

Then we head to lunch. We find her 'chair' and put nail polish on it. Same nail polish color as the seats.

Next we go to her bathroom stall and put a trip wire and cooking spray. Then we was off to class. The bell rings and it's time for lunch.

We all arrived at lunch and got our food. Luke met us there.

"3......2.....1.." "Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" We all laugh as Jen stands up and her butt is covered in blue nail polish. "When I find out who did this your paying for it.!" She yelled and we ate.

Next class. Gym. "Okay girls. Spike it." Then before I knew it I was being hit in the head wit a volley ball. "Hit the showers." We got the showering room and wait for the action. She puts it in and we all wait. Once she gets to dry her hair the colored showed. Bright orange. "Ahh!!!" All she does is yell.

At 8th period her new 'boyfriend' came to save the day. Harry brought his Bennie for her and I gaged. Next is the toilet plunge. This time. I'm ganna be there.

The bell rings at the end of the day and I follow her there. I stood outside the bath room. Me and Alex had our phones. Best day ever. Alex went inside and we heard a bang. Lol. I walked I and her head was in the toilet bowl. I took pictures and we run. Her face was covered in toilet water. We all laugh and I put the picture on the projected for the whole school to see.

"Fuck you joy!!!" She came to me. "Thanks. I will." She tried to punch me but I held her fist back."listen you red head, your not going to mess with me. Understand? Or do I need to go slower?" She gives me a dirty look and walks away. I am surrounded by a circle. I give high fives and we leave the school.

"Best day ever!!!"I yell in likes car.

"Did you see her face?!? You said red head more like orange head. Will you get in trouble?" He ask.

"No. I'm going to be on vacay with zaynie." We park at my house and I told them they coul say for a while. We walk threw the door and there it was. Red head was kissing zayn. Zayn was kissing her. I don't say a word till he looks at me.

"Oh hey Ana. Please leave the room, I was in the middle of something. " Jen says. Zayn just stands there. "Cancel the trip you fucking Bartered." He tried to speak but I shut him up. "Alana it isn't how it loo-" "shut the fuck up and never talk to me again. I can't believe you hooked up with this slut!" I say and give him back the forever neck lance. "Give it to your prostitute." I throw it at him.

"Please don't do this. She kissed me!" I just ignore him and walk to my room.

"Get out Jen!!!!" Zayn yells. I let luke and Alex in my room and I just cry.

"It's okay he didn't deserve you."luke tried to comfort me.

Alex rubes my back and I heard banging in my door.

"Alana let me in or I'll break this door." "Break it then cause I'm not letting you in. I fucking hate you." "Alright then I'm break down the door. " he banged and me and Alex and luke go to my balcony. We climb down the house and we hear the door open. I took my spare suit case and we leave.

"Lana, stay at my house as long as you like." Alex offers. I nod and we arrive at her house.

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