Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?


36. Paris? and surprises?

Alana's pov.

Today me and zayn are going on are vacation to........Paris!!!! I can't wait. I have always wanted to go there.

"Ready?" Zayn ask. He put the luggage in the car as I say my goodbyes.

"If something happens call me first." Harry says.

"Have a nice trip. Call me if you wanna have a girl talk." Brook Liam's new

Girl friend. She is nice. But very shy. We're good friends now. I can count on her for stuff but not my life or another's.

"Bring me back some babies!"Alex says. And she said it so loud every one in the room heard. Fuck here comes dad.

He smiled sarcastically and faked coughed. "Protection." He coughed. Every one laughed and we headed for the air port.

We hope on the plane and were first class. The whole time me and zayn got to bond more.

"No way." He said.

"Yep, I was trying to load the paint ball gun and my dad was right there and I hit the gun and it just shot."I laughed. "Remind me never to go paint balling with you." "No promises."I laugh and he takes the pillow from the seat and covers himself. Haha.

-after plane ride-


Get off the plane and there's a limo person holding up a sign 'Minnie and Mickey' I laugh an we go to the limo.

"Hi I'm your driver Chris. And I'll take you any where you like." Me and zayn continued to talk. We stopes at a hotel named 'formont treasures' we get out of the limo and tip the driver and no shock. Fans swarm the hotel. We sighed a few things and took pictures till we went inside. The fans arnt aloud inside though:(

We get to our room and it's huge! "Wow" was the only word that came out.

"Like?"he asked.

"Fuck no." He looks sad. "Love, is the word." He smiled and I knew why he thought. He kissed me and stopped. Tease much?"I have a surprise." He hands me a shirt that has a Minnie Mouse on it. And I turn to see his matching one with Mickey.

"Awe." I said. I took a pic and post it to twitter.

Alana tomilson: matching shirts with @zaynmalik. <3

I couldn't finish my twit till he picked me up and ran. I couldn't see cause I was getting sick.

"Put me down!" He groans and we're back in the limo? "This is the real surprise.

He pulls up to a place and omg..................

We pull up and I see Disney land!!!!!!

"I've never been here before. And I'm glad I'm here with you."he says.

We just got done almost all the rides and it's getting dark. We got to see the castle for fireworks. Zayn had his arms around me tightly and we watch as the fireworks began. Minne and Mickey Mouse came up to us.

"Hello love birds."Miley ask in his weird voice. I giggle a little and Minnie speaks.

"We only gives theses to the lovely people we find." She hands me half a heart and zayn half a heart.

I look down and it said 'Alana' on it. Awe.

"Awe. It has my name."

"Here hold it up to the starts. And don't turn your hearts around till it's time."Minnie says.

We put the heart the other way with out seeing it and raise it to the stars. A firework went up and it said.

'Will you Marry me Alana?' I burst out laughing and Minnie talks. "Turn them around.

We turn them around and it's says.

'Alana rose tomilson, I love you with all my heart. I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?' I cry and he bends to one knee.

I'm now crying my eyes out and he begins. "Will you marry me?" He ask and I wipe my eyes and nod fast. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" He kissed me and Minnie takes a picture. He spins me around and I giggle.

Minnie gives us a picture and I couldn't believe it. I'm engaged to zayn Malik!!!!!

We got back to the hotel and he kissed me and ------you know we're it went. I'm not going into details. Sorry. If you wanted a sex scene then go watch porn.-----------------

I woke up the next morning with a horrid head ache. "Good morning mrs Malik." "Morning mr. Malik."

-skip the morning-

Me and zayn just walked around for a few hours in Paris. We went to the Effie tower. -I know it's spelled wrong. It's what I call it:)-

-skip that day-

It's now been a week since we left Paris and I'm getting head aches like crazy. I've throw up some mornings but nothing bad. But I broke my dad's one rule. Protection. Yup I said it.

I'm pregnant. I found out Tuesday. Zayn doesn't know. No one knows beside brook and el. And Alex. I'm playing on telling the boys and zayn at dinner.

"Hey dad. How is dinner tonight at nondos? The whole family?" He nods and continues with his show.


In a hour we all have to meet at nondos.

I'm wearing a white dress with no sleeves, comes to the knees. It's white up too and at the waist it goes into salmon pink ruffles. I curled my hair and out on my white heels.

-at dinner-

We all meet at dinner and the order is, Liam, Brooke, Lou, el, me, zayn, Mari,Niall, Alex,Harry,luke. Yes luke came.

I'm so scared right now. What will happen?!?

"I have news" every one looked at me. The Girls stood there calm.

"I'm pregnant." I let out. Every one is okay. Besides dad and zayn.

"Your what?!? I'm not ready for a baby!" Zayn yells. That hurts.

"You were sure ready for a marriage." Every one was shocked.

"You engaged after I said no!"Louis yells. We're going to get kicked out I nondos I swear.

"I wanted to get married but not have a kid. I don't want to have a child!" He yells in my face.

"This is a big mistake. It's all your fault." Zayn says then gets up. "It takes two you know!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck you zayn. Take back the ring!" I throw it at him and he catches it.

"Might as well just give it to Jen, since I was accusedof fucking her!" I broke down into tears. Dad came to me. "I'm not mad at you. It's okay." He says. I hug him and we all leave nondos. Paps were

Every were. Did they hear all of that?

"Your engaged?"

"Your pregnant!"

"You cheated on zayn!" I ignored all the questions and we all hoped in the car.

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