Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?


27. kissing Harry?

Louis pov.

I sat there in the dressing room since I'm not aloud to go on stage with the others till I calm down. How the fuck can I calm down when he did that! I walk out and speak on the mic.

"I'm leaving, I'm going home to my daughters earlier. Uh bye" I sent Harry a dirty look. I hate him. No more Larry tomilson. (Sorry) fuck him.

I drove home and notice a new car. What's going on? I walk in side and here music. "Ain't it fun" then clapping. Who's singing? I walk up stairs and it's Alana and her two friends. I know luke since we'll he's in 5sos.

"Your great." I walk in.

"Omg! Louis tomilson! Hi hi hi! I'm Ed sheers niece Alex. Nice to meet you. Your house is beautiful." Weird much?"you too. It's getting late. Luke you good to drive home? Alex?" He nods and leaves.

"Alex is spending the night if that's ok?" Ana ask. I nod and walk down stairs. I get water and snacks for them. I walk up stairs and Alex wasn't in the room so I thought it was a good time to tell her.

"Alana. Can we talk?" I said walking to her placing the stuff on her desk. "Of course. Take a seat dad. " I sat in the bed. And she stood.

"I know what Harry did. And I'm sorry he is being an ass hole but if he does anything like that again. Tell me. I'm always here for you. I love both you girls. Harry didn't mean anything he's just jelly. In fact I would love some peanut butter and put it on his face and shove him between giant pieces of bread." She cried them laughed. "I love you dad." Then she hugged me.

I walked out of her room and kissed Mari good night.

Alana's pov.

I sat on the floor with Alex on the floor next to me. It's about 10pm and the door swung open. All I heard was screaming.

I ran down and the boys are

Holding Harry. Oh what happend now?

"What's wrong? I have guest who are sleeping keep quiet." Zayn came and kissed me. "Where's Louis babe?" "Sleeping, now what's up with him?" "Drunk. After Louis lost it with Harry from what happend this one kept drinking. " zayn said.

Liam and Niall went to take Harry to bed. Then they went to bed. Zayn stayed with me.

"Sorry I couldn't pick you was your first day?" What do I tell him.

"It was okay. I got a singing project with luke Hemmings and Alex sheer. Good group. Coming from singers but I was adopted so yeah. " he nodded and then kissed me.

Me and zayn fell asleep. I fell asleep in his arms. I heard a loud thud and I got out of zayns arms. I go up to the sound and it's from Harry's room.

"You okay?" I ask. He grabbed my arms. What should I do?

"I love you Ana,

Will you marry me?" Marry him? Wtf? No. I'm with zayn. It's the alcohol talking.

"No your drunk Harry. Let me go."I kicked and screamed. No one heard. He out his hand over my mouth. "No screaming, this will be fast." I bit his hand and screamed. No one. No one helped.

"Shut up!" The his big hand went across my face. He took off my shirt and his and kept kissing me. I wanted to kick him in the balls so hard but I couldn't move. He took my pants off and I layed there in my bra and under wear. He was picking at my under wear and I bite his hand as hard as I could and I screamed as loud as I could ever scream."HELP! HELP!" Then I heard some one. "Harry get off!!!!!" It's Liam. He tried to get him off but it didn't work. "HELP!" Liam yelled. Them Louis and zayn came in. Zayn came to me and Louis and Liam took Harry away. Zayn rushed my side as Louis and Lima held Harry back.

"Are you okay?!? He didn't go any further did he?"zayn asked and helped me up. He handed my clothes and he took me to my room. You can already see the bruises. I hate him. This is not forgiving. I got dressed and fell asleep in zayns arms. I would want to be any were else.

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