Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?


30. happy. not.

Alana's pov.

It's been two weeks since our break up. I haven't been out of the room ever since. I haven't ate in a while. And the worst part is. No one even noticed. I was in a deep thought and I heard a thump noise. I turn around and some one is knocking in my window. I walk to my balcony and there's zayn. The first thing he does is picks me up and spins me and covers me with kisses.

"I missed you so much. I don't care what Louis says but I love you and he will not take you away from me. Okay?"



I laugh at the things just said. Lol like fault in our starts remake? Zayn Malik version? Lol.

He kissed me hard and then there was a knock on my door. "Hide!" I tell him. He climbs back up to his room. I answer the door and it's my dad. "I'm so sorry for these two weeks. Alex and luke have been over every day telling me what really happened. But with zayn. I'm sure of that. I'm very sorry. Please eat. Your punishment is lifted. " I didn't talk.

I walk passed him and Harry is there. I still hadn't talked to him. "Hey miss detention." I didn't answer. He followed me into the kitchen. "I'm sorry for what I did to you. I'm sorry for talking about your dad. I'm sorry for doin what I did. But I was drunk please forgive me. " he said. "Okay." He hugged me tight. "I have school tomorrow. So I have to get ready. " he signed and I went to my room. Since people think I'm a badass now. I'm ganna show it. I wore black ripped skinny jeans. An 1975 t shirt. And black combat boots. I straighten my hair and did my normal make up. Zayn asked to drive me since we're back together and he wants to be sweet. We get to school and he kisses me passionately. I walk inside and people clap. I feel loved. "Hey miss badass." Luke jokes. I high five him."hey" we all sit. "How was

The project with out me? How has school bin?"

"Awesome, Jen has been quiet as fuck! And every one is happy your back." We all laugh as music begins.

"Welcome back miss joy. No fights during class please?"

"No promises."

The whole class laugh and Jen backs up. She made the wrong choice messing with me. The bell rings and I was walking to give my sister lunch money when something caught my eye. "Marianna!" I yell. Her nose was bleeding and she was sittin in the hall. "Alana. It's happing. It's a sign they said my nose will bleed when it was time. I don't wanna go yet." She cried. We're still in the hallway. "Stay here. I'll be right back. " I ran to the closest class room and I busted threw the door.

"Call an ambulance now!" She picked up the phone and called. I got paper towels and helped the blood. People were crowding the halls and luke and Alex came to help me. I was covered in blood. Luke kept the people away and Alex called every one.

"Your dad and boys are on there way." Next thing I new people were running in with a gurney I hoped in the ambulance with her and they gave her a breathing tube. I couldn't let her go. I couldn't. I was covered in blood every where. My hands face pants shirt. Shoes. "Here" she gave me a paper towel to wipe off the blood. But instead I use it for Mari.

We got to the hospital and they took her in. "Ma'am stay away from the door. " "that's my sister. I'm not leaving her." A pair of arms wrapped around me and took me away. I look back and zayn carried me out.

"Here, Alex said you were covered." I got changed into my sweats and a tank. Comfy clothes. I pulled my knees up to my chest. And cried. Zayn kissed my forehead and my dad sending him glares. "Louis I don't care what you say. I love her and your not taking her away. I can't lose her. I would never hurt her. Have I? No I haven't. Please. I love her. " Louis comes and hugged me. "I'm sorry. I was wrong." I cry and cry and cry.

"Miss tomilson?" I stood up and every one else does too. "We're really sorry. We couldn't do anything else. She's gone......."

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