Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?


38. goodness

Alana's pov.

It's been a week since the dinner and since zayn has 'moved on' today I was just watching se fosters and shit, my lazy day. Bull shit, I'm sad :(

To Alana from Alex.

-meet me at my house in ten?-

I replayed wit a yes. I went to my room to change. I got dressed in a coral colored skirt, with a white top. Hair is straightened. No make up. Shit I don't have a ride! I went to the garage and the only car that's here is zayns. Just my luck.

"Need a ride?" Some one asked from behind me. I turn and there's zayn. Great. " I'll walk." I grab a coat and my phone and walk out the door. Not even two minutes later zayns car came by.

"Hop in. I know your mad at me, but something can happen to you."

"And why do you care?" I kept walking and he kept driving his car slowly with me.

"Cause I do. Just get in." I went to the other side and before I could open the door he opened it and hit me in the face! Wasn't getting me pregnant and dumping me enough?

"I'm so sorry." I get in and he just turns the car off?

"I have to meet Alex soon." He turns so he looks at me.

"Listen, I'm so sorry that I said that the other day. I want the baby and I want our marriage but it just surprised me. I thought that I couldn't do it cause i would be a horrible father, I don't want it to go threw what I went threw. Please forgive me. Cause I still want to be the father of that baby."I starts to cry. I nod and he takes out the ring.

"Together forever?"

"Together forever." He slides the ring in my finger and we both go to tell the news.

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