Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?


23. girlfriend.

Harry's pov.

I hate zayn right now. I can't believe he told her. Megan is a one time thing. Nothing serious. I was going to dump her. My phone went off. Twitter. Again.

@zaynmalik: best girlfriend ever. @alanatomilson. What will your dad say?@louistomilson.

I'm going to kill him.

Alana's pov.

Me and zayn sat in the living room watching the note book."I always wants to watch this with a girl."he says. "I always wanted to watch this with a guy."he both watch it till the door bell rings. Harry rushes to it but stops and looks at me."you move on fast."he said the. Rushed to the door.

He opened the door and were all in shock. There stood Megan. "Yea, I move on fast."I said. Me and zayn go upstairs and finish watching the note book.

"He is suck and ass."I said.

"He is. I guess he wants to play the same game. Wanna make it harder?" Harder? What does he mean. And before I could catch on his lips were pressed against mine. I kissed back. I didn't like him at first, but now it all makes sense. Marianna said he likes me. Maybe I do like him back. He's sweet an nice and very Hot. I kiss him back and he hovers on top of me. Wow I kissed 2/5 of one direction.

We don't break the kiss until the door creaks open. We both look and there stood Harry and Megan. "Can she borrow a pair of pants? Water spill.."he said. He was very pissed off.

Zayn got off of me and I can see Harry sending him death glares. I walk to my closet and check out my pants. I find a pair of old sweats that I threw up on a while back. I have them to her. "Keep them." Then I shut the door in there faces. "Do you think that happend on purpose?"I ask and he nods.

"Alana?" He ask. I look up. "Will you be my real girlfriend? I really like you since you came here but Harry always had dibs. I told Marianna to avoid you because I wanted you to give attention to other people in this house besides Harry." All this time. I was blocking people out.

"Of course." She smiled and kissed me again. It's now midnight so I fell asleep I. His. Chest. I really like him now.

Harry's pov.

So we were sitting in the kitchen and I realized that the note book doesn't take 3 hours to end. They have been up there too long togather. Just them alone. I tilted my water and it landed on Megan. "I'm so sorry. I'll go get you a new pair." So I dragged her upstairs and walk into there room.

Zayn had his tonge down Alana's throat. "There was a water problem. Could she borrow a pair of pants?"I said. The only reason I'm up here is because I waNted to see what's happing. I'm only dating Megan to get Alana jealous. And it's not working. She gets changed and I send her home. If she won't stop I'll make it stop.

"Hey Lou."I said walking into Louis room."do you really want Ana dating zayn? He has too many moves. And plus you don't want her heart to get broken."he nods and then catches on. "I know but I'm going to give it a try." Damn him. I walk out and go to sleep.

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