Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?


9. funny

Alana's pov.

We got everything done and were on our way home. We finally got here and I was told to got to my room and go to bed Mari was already asleep so yeah. I too a sower and fell asleep.


Harry's pov.

We were all unpacking and stuff, we put the glasses away and got done with that the only things that needed to be done. We're Mari and Alana's room. Zayn got Mari's cause she is like another daughter to him. So I got Alana's. Room.

She has a lot of stuff. I hung up purple curtains. I panted the room a light blue I put down her runs I hung up poster I put her clothes away and ect. I was almost done when I got to a certai box and I was ganna throw up on her new floors.

Her girly things....... I'm ganna mess with Lou, I put the rest away and take a girly thing(you know what it is) I run down stairs and there all there.

"Hey Lou, do you know what the best part of being a dad to not one but TWO GIRLS?"he shrugged so I pulled out the girly thing. He grabbed a pillow and held it Infront of him for self defense. He is acting like it's going to kill him. "Don't roux me with it! Don't come over here! Get it away styles! And I already talked to Eleanor! She's doing it! Get it away!" He said while every one is dead out laugh ting on the floor

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