Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?


25. first day.

Alana's pov.

Today's our first day of school so I'm going to be casual, skinny jeans and a tank top with my Jordan's, and a varsity jacket. I'm being lazy today cause of the fact that my sister won't live long.

I walk down stairs and Marianna and zayn were there.

"Good morning beautiful."zayn says twirling me in a

Circle. I gave him a small kiss and we all hop in the car.

We arrive at school and I take me and Mari to the office. We sign in and Mari gets taken In first. "Take a seat miss."the secretary advised me. I sat down about two seats from this one guy. He kept staring at me. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, a lip piercing. On the left. He was good looking.

He came over to me and sat down getting closer. He put his hand out for me to shake it.

"I'm are?" I shake his hand.

"Alana, Alana tomilson." He gives me a confused look like I had four heads. " have been the talk of the summer. Little miss direction." Okay now he's being an ass. Talk of the summer?

"Talk of the summer? Good things I hope. Why are you in the office. It the first day for fucks sake. " I protest.

"Good Girls like you like bad boys. And I I want you I have to live up to that." He chuckles. I just stare off. "Your good looking for a good girl." Fuck him. I would kill him and show him my 'good girl' side but I don't feel like going to jail. "I have a boyfriend. So back the fuck off. " he up his hands up in defense."ooooohh, good girl gave some attitude. I like that. And who's your boyfriend? Some nerd wanna be?" Fuck him.

I move a seat over. "No, zayn Malik. Bradford bad boy. Keep your distance or he'll kick your ass." I yell.

"Miss tomilson?"I get up and leave.

"See yah babe." Fuck him. I walk into the office and she pulls my name up to the screen. "Don't worry about him." She said not taking her eyes off the screen. She hands me some papers. "That's your tables. It shows you where you have to go and what room. Alex will be happy to show you around." Then I leave. Thank god luke wasn't in the room. I go to Alex and she is pretty I guess. She has red hair. She's normal hight. "Omg your Alana tomilson. I'm Alex sheer. Ed sheers niece. Looks like we have all the same classes togather." She's nice. She walks me into the room and takes her seat. I go to the teacher and before I speak some one in the back speaks for me. "Hey babe." Ugh I tun and it's luke. He can walk off a short pier. This file kept giving me death glares. Like I haven't even been in the room for 2 minutes and I'm getting hate.

"Welcome to music. I'm mr. S take a seat anywhere you like." I walk away and luke pats the seat next to him. I ignore and sit next to Alex.

"Okay class. Please get I to a group of three for our projects. You will have to pick one song, and soil the parts. You have 5 minutes. Sit with your groups." I look at Alex and she looks at me. "Partners?" I nod and the. Like makes his way up here. "Hello partners." Huh?

"Since when?" I jump up.

"Since mr. S thinks I need help and your the best." Fuck him. Now I'm stuck with this ass hole. The rest of the class we all debate on a song choice. "How about. Ain't it fun by paramore?" They both nod. "You guys wanna meet up and practice? Maybe at Alana's? I would love to meet her boyfriend." Luke ask. Alex just sits. "I'll have to ask. But if you try ANYTHING I will have Paul pull you by your fluffy blonde hair and make you leave." He steps back and puts his hood on.

-skip to lunch-

I got to the lunch room and it's packed. I went to get my food and pay. Once I was walking back I got tripped. Then all my food went over my outfit. "Fuck you!" I yell. "Stay away from luke."I walked close."I'll do anything to be as far away as possible from him. " I walked to my locker and texted the boys.

Alana to Harry, Louis,zayn, Liam, Niall

-got tripped in lunch. Food all over me. Can some one pick me up?

I waiting in the hallway for 10 minutes till I got a response.

From : Louis.

-sorry sweetie. In sound check. won't let us leave. Sorry.

Oh great. I stood in my locker and took off my jacket. I hung it in my locker cause it had food all over it. "Here." I turn and it's luke. He handed me his sweat shirt.

"Umm thanks. But your little girlfriend doesn't want me near you so here."I handed it back.

"Girlfriend? You mean Jen? I dumped her. She just is a hater. Put it on before the bell rings." I thanked him then ran to the Girls room. I took off my tank and slipped on his over sized sweatshirt. It says A H S simbols o the school I think.

I walk out. And he's there. "Thanks. "

"It's fine. You look good in my stuff."

We walk back to class and skip threw the rest of the day. I got a text at the last class of the day. With out the teacher seeing me I looked at the phone

Harry- can't come to get you guys. Will be here till 8pm. Sorry. Not.

He is such an ass. I pull up my book to cover my phone. I started to text back.

-fuck off. Your just pissed cause I'm with zayn. Ask my dad if I can have friends over for a project.

I sent it then got a text that broke my heart.

-your dad's dead. How can I do that?

I started to cry until the bell rang. I raced out and got my bag. I tried to hold back my tears. I raced to the other half of the school to pick up Marianna. I stood waiting till she came out. "Why are you crying? Is dad here yet?" "There at sound check. And we're walking home. And nothing I'm fine."

We walked home and I unlocked the doors. I ran to my room and got a text.

Unknown number.

-it's luke, you okay? Are you aloud to have guest? If so I'll text Alex.

Me-yeah guest are fine. It's just some ass hole. Here's my address. *******dr. See you soon.

I race down stairs and let Marianna know we're having guest. I clean up and stuff then go get ready. I washed Luke's jacket. And the. There's a knock.

I got to the door and there was luke and Alex.

"Your house is so huge. It's awesome. "Alex screamed. Trying to wake the world up. Or London.

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