Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?


7. donation.

Alana pov.

Me, Harry and Mari got In the truck while Niall got his truck and the others went In a car. I said sorry to Mari and she was okay. We got to the front door and walked in. I loved the smell. "Niall, wanna get the matters for donation? Mari you get your room, Alana you got yours and bathroom, cause we'll yeah. Zayn you got kitchen. Liam living room and family room. I got others. When your done your job come see others for more help. "Harry says.

I ran to my room and packed what I needed. All my clothes, laptop, camera, make up and ect. I filled at least 7 boxes and took them to the truck and put them In the back. I went back and Niall was in my room/old room caring the matters out the door. He's strong. I took my trash bags I had and threw them at the curb. I went back up and took donations into Liam's car cause he was going to donations. All that was left in my room was a bed frame and walls and a floor. My dressers are being trashed.

I got to Marianna's room and check on her. She was almost done. "Need help Mari?" She nodded 'no' so I went to my parents room. I gads tears running down my face when some one hugged me from behind. It's Harry. "Don't cry, everything will be okay." He brings in boxes from Jordan's room. "This is from Jordan's. I got his clothes in here, if you wanna decide what to do. " he said. I rummage threw all the boxes and took out a few things. I took out his blankie:) his fav toy, fav super hero shirt, and ect."I'm giving these to my kids. Cloths can get donated, toys can get donated, and everything else too....... Thanks again Harry." He kissed my cheek"no problem, I'm glad" I smiled as he took the boxes. I put my parents blanket to keep for me cause it was white with hearts. There matters was gone. Every ones were gone thanks to Niall.

I pack up things I wanna keep and trash most. I leave there room and say "goodbye mom, goodbye dad." And walk out. Mari was already don't so I took out her boxes. I went to zayn and Liam. "Joeys room is upstairs, he's close to your age so you can have anything you want." The nod and I help zayn with the classes. "Do you guys need glasses at the house or no?" "I guess a few woke matter. We keep breaking things" he laughs.

He get done everything in kitchen so we give out the food. I made lunch for every one and threw out the rest.we all sat at the dinning table to see the progress.

"Mine,Maris,parens,bathroom,kitchen,Jordan's, and family room are done. Mattress are gone. So who wants to do what with who?" I ask.

"I'm with Liam on joeys room if that's okay."zayn said. "Sure like I said have anything you want.

"Ill get living room, guest."Niall says

"Shed,garage? Alana wanna work with me?"says Harry. I nod and we all finish. I went to the shed first. "Need any tools? Or lawn care?" "No, I don't think so." Mhhhmmm. I'm going to give I to the neighbors. "I'll be right back. " I grab the tools and a sharp thing hit me in the stomach.

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