Last goodbyes❤️and fresh starts

It's about how a girl loses her parents and brothers and gets adopted by 1d.
Should I countinue?


39. 6 months in the making.

Alana's pov.

It's been six months since the day we made up. Later in I get the gender of the baby. Zayn wants to know. But I don't. (Boy or girl?) there's been a lot going on and stuff. We wanted to wait till the baby is born to do the wedding. Louis and elenour haven't gotten back together. Marianna isn't doing that we'll. the doctor said another six to 12 months. For her.

"How about Emily?" I nod. I always liked Emily.

"Aaron?" I love them both.

"I'm the god parents. " Liam says.

"No I am!!!!" Now every one is yelling.

"Liam and Danny. Are first. There more mature."oh did I tell you? Danny and Liam are back together. Brooke is now with Harry. Weird huh?

-----skip dat------

We were in the office to the doctors.

"It will be very cold. "

She puts gel on me and it is cold. I shiver a little. "Congrats. Your having twins!" "T twins?" Zany stutters.

"Would you like to know now? Or later?"

I beat zayn to it. " later." I look at him. He is upset. "Your no fun." He pouts.

We just got home and we walk in and every one is sooooo happy. There's a banner that says congrats. And gifts. Is this a baby shower?

"Here." Danny says passing me bags.

After about 15 bags. I got clothes and a crib and toys and ect. Every one went home besides well the people who live here. Marianna fell asleep in my bed and I kissed her cheek. I climb into bed and fall asleep.

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