Her Weeping Willows

I made this for an English assignment when I was young, maybe like 11 or something. The topic was Nature, just Nature. Hope you enjoy, it is sad, but still good I hope!


1. Short Story

                                                           Her Weeping Willows


       Trees swayed as the gentle breeze swiftly danced through. Where are the astonishing smelling flowers I ask? Aha! There are the incredible flower galore! Where are the magnificent chattering animals, which are sweet and warm, like golden honey? A silent little deer walks through the towering trees and bushes. Can you see the nature? Can you see these wonderful and blessed creations? Would you like to see what secret this enchanted forest holds? Come; let us go a little deeper.

  Go see what this enchanted forest has in store for you. Go see something that will break your heart into a million pieces. Go see something so deep into the forest, you might not find it. But the thing is; you will. Walk past the towering green trees and the glistening river. Next, walk past the beautiful rose bushes. If you hear weeping, then this is your place. A girl, a depressed girl is waiting. Her hidden cave is behind the friends that cry with her; the weeping willows. Look, can you see her tear-stained cheeks and her big beautiful hazel eyes full of sadness? Can you see her scarlet hair tangled from her restless journeys?

  She cries everyday, waiting that one day somebody will find her. Weeks have passed, months have passed. Why has no one found her yet? Why has no one heard her weeping? Why has no one found this enchanted forest? No one has found her because we are too blinded from our foolishness. No one has heard her because we are too deaf from our ignorance. No one has found this enchanted forest because well; its enchanted. Still, because we are too blind and deaf, she was never found, but at least she died with her friends, her friends that cried with her. Her weeping willows.


(A/N, I hope you enjoyed it! Yes, I know it was sad! But still, I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading!)

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