Justins backup dancer


1. New chapter

"KAYLA YOUR GONNA BE LATE HURRY UP" I grabbed my bag with my dance things "IM COMING HOLD ON GOD" I yelled at the lady of the adoption center

Your probley thinking what's happening so here it goes so I'm Kayla my parents died when I was one and now I'm 14 and I'm still here at this adoption center

Last week when I was walking the little ones to school I saw a flyer to try out to be Justin biebers backup dancer so I toke the paper and asked the lady in the adoption center she said "it was a good idea she can finally get me out of there so she would never have to see me again" so here I am now

I run downstairs with my bag I'm ready I smile I'm really excited and nervous because I'm a huge belieber

"OK OK LETS GO HURRY UP" I follow her to the car

While she was driving I turned up the radio and Justin's song all that matters was on I started singing "your all that matters to me ya ya what's a king bed with out a queen there is no I in team you make me complete" I smile

-30 mins later-

"Where here" she said I got out of the car and walked into the big building

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