One Direction - Stay High

Eve is a 19 year old girl living life on the edge. Her mother died when Eve was only 5 and her father has been a workaholic ever since, causing Eve getting into drugs and bad friendships, caused the lack of parenting. Eve doesn't care about what's right and what's wrong - she do as she please, whatever the consequences. One day they municipality gets involved and her father gets declared incapable of taking care of Eve and she isn't able to take care of herself - that's when Eve's mom's former best friend, Anne Cox, gets involved and offers Eve a life changing opportunity.


2. Chapter 1.


"Are you just gonna sit around that computer? For fuck sake, we were supposed to watch a movie tonight!"

It was a game lost in advance. Getting him away from the computer and the massive stacks of paper was impossible.
It hasn't always been like that though. When Eve was five, she, her mother and father used to watch movies every friday. They used to go to the park every sunday afternoon and they used to go to the circus every summer (twice if Eve wanted to). But everything changed after her mother died. Her father went from a normal nine to five worker, to almost living at his office only being home once a while.
Eve almost never saw him. The only reason he wasn't at the office this friday night was because Eve had plauged him to come home in hope they could have some daughter-father-time, even though she knew it wouldn't go like she planned, in advance. It never worked. She sighed loudly, hoping he heard her. He didn't even notice, not even a flick with the eye. She rolled her eyes, stood up and in all annoyment, she went past her father and whilst passing him, she smashed the computer closed. As expected, her father looked up at her with obvious annoyance.
"What are you doing Eve?!" He shouted at her, opening the computer again in a quick movenment. "What was that for?" He asked annoyed still half shouting.
"Hmmm, I don't know" Eve answered annoyed too. "I guess I was just trying to have some quality time with my dad, but I don't know, maybe I'll have to get in line? Take a number? Or maybe if I lay down between your papers, you'll notice me?" She crossed her arms and waited for one hell of a reply, but all she got was a head shake. She bit her inner cheek. He looked up from the screen, with blank eyes. "Just.. Just go to your room" he said lowly. Eve shook her head. "Is that really all I get?" She asked, narrowing her eyes. Her fatner kept looking down the screen without replying. "You're unbelievable" she turned around with a loud moan. "Eve" her dad said resignedly. "Oh, oh now you wanna talk to me?" She said, turning around while throwing her arms out in an annoyed movement, "but you know what? Fuck you, fuck you dad! I'm done, so just, just screw you!" She said, turned around again and went to leave the room. "You're grounded!" she heard her father shout from behind. "Screw me!" She yelled back.

She slammed the door closed after entering her room. A tear streamed down her face. She smashed her hand against the door and more tears came to her eyes. She should've known it whouldn't work out. She went to her desk and found a pack of cigarettes in the drawer, fumbled a bit with the lighter but got it lit. She sat down in the windowsill and watched the cars driving by down the way. She looked at her phone. She saw that Chris had called her and called him up. He didn't pick up. She sighed and threw the phone at the bed. A minute later it started vibrating, so she jumped down from the sill and picked it up.
"Hey loser, u called" it sounded from the other end. "Yea, caused you called be first prick" she answered with a grin. "Sooo, whut'r u up to?" Chris' thick accent sounded. "Usually grounded" Eve answered short. "Sooo?" Chris asked, he knew being grounded didn't hold her back nor did it bother her, "when am I round t pick u up?" he grinned.

"You're such a little reble" Chris whispered in her ear once they'd entered the club. Eve smirked. "Yolo" she grinned and shrugged. Chris shook his head and lead them to the bar.
Some shots and a few cockstails later they both were good to go and both dancing with strangers. The music was so loud the bas was to feel in the floor. Eve loved this feeling of freedom yet being caught up with the alcohol inside her. Suddenly she felt someone poke her shoulder so she turned around facing a very excited Chris. She smiled at him. "Don't freak, but I think Liam Payne is here" Chris loud-whispered in her ear. Eve laughed "Why should I freak out, look at yourself mate, you're shaking". Eve knew there was a little fanboy hidden in Chris, and seeing him all excited like this was way too great. She wasn't that great of a fan herself. "Should we go find him then?" She asked with a great grin on her face. Chris looked serious at her while shaking his head, he was clearly more drunk that herself. They went in line for the bar. "Are you mental? Never would I ever sink so de… OMG ITS HIM" in the same moment Liam walked past them in the line and Chris nearly started crying. "You okay?" Eve asked a little worried. He nodded slowly, breathing in and out very fast. She shook her head "stay here" she said and  pushed her way past some drunk dudes. "Excuse you" she snapped annoyed at a drunk guy touching her butt. He smirked, but she just shook her head and rolled her eyes. She coughed loud making a guy standing next to Liam look at her, he padded Liam on the shoulder. When he looked at the other guy, he pointed at Eve and Liam looked at her. Liam smiled bright and she blushed a bit. "Eeeh, sorry to interrupt, but.." Eve started, but Liam held his hand to his ear, shaking his head, moving closer to her. She repeated when he was closer "really sorry to interrupt, but my friend is in the bar line, and he's kinda fan of you and the rest of the band"  Liam grinned bright. He laid a hand around her hip, making her shudder a bit. "Of course" he said knowing what she wanted and she lead him back to Chris, who in the meantime had got them some drinks. He nearly dropped the glasses seeing Eve with Liam. Eve found her phone. When she opened it she saw a bunch of missed calls from her father, she rolled her eyes and opened the camera. Liam went over beside Chris laying a hand on his shoulder, pointing at him with the other hand. "Proper drunk pic" Eve said laughing and pressed the button taking the picture. Liam and Chris went over beside her looking at the picture. "Great" Liam grinned. Chris just smiled bright. Eve hadn't seen him this speechless in ages. Liam then took the phone out of Eve's hand and handed it to Chris. She looked a bit confused at him, but he laid his hand around her waist and posed for another picture. Eve just laughed and posed too. Chris pressed the button and the picture was taken. "Aww thanks" Eve said after seeing the picture. Liam grinned. "Remember to tag me wherever you post it". He highfived Chris and hugged Eve, then dissapered in the crowd.
"What the fuck just happened?" Chris asked taking a sip of his drink. "You just met Liam Payne" Eve replied all causual taking the other drink from Chris' hand. Chris just shook his head still astonished about what just happened. "Now let's party on" Eve laughed in a great mood.

Later that night when Eve returned home, a police car was holding outside the villa. She sighed and rolled her eyes. She went inside still affected by the drugs and the alcohol, feeling a bit dizzy. She entered the kitchen, where she was met by her father and two policemen looking at her. "Jesus christ young lady! Where have you been?" Her father yelled. "Well I'm home now so fucking chill" Eve yelled back. The policemen seem a bit awkward. "Seems like this case is ended" one of the policemen said polite. They both gave Eve's father the hand, went over to Eve, did the same. "Good night both of you" they said before leaving the room. When the door slammed, Eve looked at her dad. "I can't believe you called the police." She yelled at him. "I can't believe you ran away yet you were grounded!" Her father snapped back. "As if you didn't predicted it!" she hissed, turned around and went to her room. She only got to enter the room, before she felt all dizzy. She turned around and headed to the bathroom.


The next day she woke up early. She was never able to get a proper long night sleep when she had been high the night before. So she was out of bed around 8 even though she wasn't home before 3.30 at night. She was still dizzy, so she stood up slowly and went to her desk, finding the package of cigarettes and lit one. She looked out of the window and saw an unfamiliar yet fancy looking car in the driveway. She snorted to herself thinking it was one of her fathers colleagues. She found her headphones and plugged them to her phone, everything to avoid him from what happened last night. She then went downstairs, and entered the kitchen. She took a bottle of water and entered the livingroom. "What have I told you about smoking inside?" "What?" Eve asked provoking moving one of the headphones from her ear. Her father sighed. He was sitting next to the stranger owning the unfamiliar car. "Just put it out". He sighed. Eve smirked and took another puff while smirking before taking it to the sink. When she again entered the room, the stranger introduced himself. "Hello Eve, my name is Ben Thomson, I'm from children and young's conditions" He held his hand infront of Eve and she gently shook it. "Let's take a seat" They both sat down at the couch. "See I've been following you and your dad for, let's say, quite a while." He made a short eyecontact with her father then looking at her. "It isn't going quite as good at it should" He continued. Eve snorted. "The reason I'm here today, is to bring some not so great news" Eve looked short at her father and was suprised by seeing tears streaming down his face. She looked at Ben confused. "Wait, what has happened?" "It's not what has happened, it's what going to happen Eve. And because you're over 18, you're the one to decide, or you should've been, but during to certain conditions the authorities have chosen that instead of letting you choose where to stay, you're going to stay at a orphanage" "WHAT?" Eve exclaimed "Would you mind not leaving out the reason why I'm not alound to choose myself and most important why I'm gonna stay at a orphanage?" Eve shouted. "Calm down Eve" her father said low. "No!" she yelled "I want to fucking know!" "I understand your frustration" Ben said "but after what happened yesterday, let's say, that it was the last straw for the authorities, for both of you". Eve could feel the tears pressing. She looked at her father, who was just looking down his thigh. She then looked at Ben how looked all so sorry and innocent. She turned and ran to her room.

Later that evening, Eve went downstairs. She sneaked into the kitchen and heard her father talking, but she didn't hear anyone answer him. He was probably talking in phone. She stopped at the door and listened to the conversation.
"I know Anne, but, an orphanage isn't he place for Eve. It's the last place I would place her" She heard her father comlain. "Then why weren't you there for me to begin with" Eve thought to herself, "but wait a minute, Anne. Anne was the name of mom's best friend".
"I'm not sure" He paused "But are you sure?" "Are they allowed to.." "Won't it cause too many problems?" All those questions made Eve curious. She heard him sigh "I quess that's the options we have to choose between. I'll talk to her. Thank you Anne" She heard him hang up and get up from the couch. She hurried away from the door and looked like she hadn't heard their conversation. She looked at him when he entered the kitchen. He looked short at her and sighed short. He took a deep breath like he needed to prepare for what he was about to tell her. "Eve" he started. She looked at him almost careless. "We need to talk". 

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