Change Me

*Sequel to An Angel Who Forgot How To Fly* Chancidy's Worse than Ever, and is leaning on Cole for Support. Cidney's Now Lost and Alone, and is debating whether to skip out on her 'Paris trip'. Can this Broken Family, Bring together their missing parts?


3. Cliff Diving

New Years Eve


The second month was when I started to get better. That's until Cole took me out to dinner. We arrived at the diner smiling, hand in hand. The waiter led us to the booth, and that's where I made my mistake, I looked to the left and there he was happily kissing Selena.

It felt like someone had wrapped their hand around my heart and was squeezing repeatedly. We arrived at our booth and I was close to hyperventilating. Cole told me it would be ok thinking I was nervous. So I told myself I didn't care. But I did


He parked his car on the side of the road, and got out leaving me inside confused. I hopped out the car, and watched curiously as Cole took his shirt off.

"What are we doing?" He didn't respond, instead he opened the trunk. My eyes widened once I saw the cliff nearby.

"Are we-"


"But I-"

"No buts" He threw a bathing suit towards me and I caught it with ease. I now rolled my eyes," Were am I suppose to change Cole?"

He blushed and shrugged his shoulders. I groaned before laying down in the back seat. I quickly changed in the awkward position I was in and stepped out the car. Before I could even close the door Cole grabbed my hand leading me towards the cliff.

"I don't know about this" I said nervously. He replied by rolling his eyes, "Trust me"

Before I could reply he grabbed my hand and ran towards the cliff, jumping off bringing me along with him. Most of the fall I laughed, but I screamed for the most part.

We hit the water hard. I reached the surface gasping for air. Cole looked at me laughing, "You ok?"

I nodded my head smiling. I opened my mouth to respond but a wave washed over me knocking me down. I went under water losing my breath quick. I went back to the surface coughing and gasping for air. Cole came towards me quickly grabbing my hand leading me towards shore.

"You're ok?" He asked once again

I nodded taking a deep breath. Cole brushed the hair out of my face, before leaning down to kiss me. I accepted gratefully, wrapping my arms around him.

He groaned before breaking the kiss, "You have no idea the effect you have on me,"

I laughed kissing him once more before getting up brushing the sand off of me.


10:30 p.m

I leaned my head against the car window. Cliff diving, Ice skating, Dinner at a five star restaurant, and going to a carnival can really tire a person out.

"Cole im tired," I groaned. He patted my hair before continuing to drive.

We visited bella, who was on life support for an hour before heading back to Cidney.

We all sat by the fireplace playing 'headbandz'.

"The Statue of Liberty" Gale guessed. I laughed placing my head on Cole's shoulder. Maybe This was working. Maybe I could finally be happy.


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