Fame vs. New Love story.

friendship, love, drama, fanfiction, Niall Horan, One Direction


2. The xfactor (Sandra)

Niall walked up to me.

" I didnt get through" " no really im so sorry Niall, youll get them next year" I answered trying to make him feel better. " got ya" he screamed " arh your idiot, though they said no" " they cainter did to they said no to me as a single artist, I got put together with 4 lads there really cool and im so happy right now. " you schould be im so proud of you, but promise me something" " what?" he asked " promise me youll wont forget me or our friendship or the real you when you get famous and have thousand of screaming girls after you" " I could never forget you or our friendship and so famous are we re not going to be" " trust me youll get famous your so talented and lets be real your not ugly" " how can it be your so sweet and still wonna be friends with me" " people says your get friends with people like you."

After that, there where some time where there wasent a noise at all. until Niall phone was ringing.

He said he was sorry, he had to go. and walked away. viel talking in the phone.

That was chapter one, I hope you liked it. This one, was about how Sandra would explain the moment, when Niall told her, he was going to be in xfactor and nothing would change between, the two of them, but how does Niall look at that moment and did he really tell the hole story. You have to read more to find out..

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