Fame vs. New Love story.

friendship, love, drama, fanfiction, Niall Horan, One Direction


12. The talk (Niall)

I havent sleept all night because of Sandra what if she says no or thinks im joking, maybe I schouldnt do it, no im gonna do it I have to i ll regret it if I dont.

I sat in the kitchen like I always do, my dad wasent home, so I could talk to her alone. suddenly Sandra just stood there and before I even thought about it She sayed hey we talked and I made her understand that we have to talk in my room, now I could hear my haertbeat it was hard on me this one.

When we got to my room, I told her she had to listen and told her the hole story and that I liked her and then she sayed she likes me too, I swear I was so happy that I could run to London and back. but I forgot to ask her about she would be my girl.

After we both had our partys, Sandra calls and she didnt even say hello she just ask "am I your girl now?" and before I could even think I screamed YES in the phone, then we talked a little bit of the partys and then we had to go to bed, Im gonna leave ealy tommorow and I want my girl to be there.

I cant believe I have a girl now unbelieveble or I had one girlfriend but she turned out to be a slut and a bitch.

I hope Sandra also likes the idea if having a boyfriend, and theres a good part of being boyfriend and girlfriend in ireland we cant have sex before marrige so I can get to know her before that gonna have her.

Uuuuuh Niall wants to know her before theres sex in the picture because of there faith and is very exsided to have a girlfriend who isent a bitch. The next chapter is going to be about how Sandra see the goodbye with Niall when he is leaving...

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