Fame vs. New Love story.

friendship, love, drama, fanfiction, Niall Horan, One Direction


6. The Phone call (Sandra)

Later that day I was hanging out with my friend Aria, who is like a sister to me so I call her Sissi and we re talking of this all Niall and Xfactor thing.

" I think you schould talk to him, about this" Aria said with no doubt in her voise. " yeah, but not today its still akward" "Sandra I dont understand you, why are you always that girl who support him 100% and dosent care about your feelings and it just because its Niall isent it?" " I dont know what you mean about that" " you like him, I meen more than a friend and you just want to support and not show what you really feels about all this" " I do and im gonna prove to you. Im gonna call him right now"

"Hi Niall"

" Hi Sandra"

" well im really sorry for this morning, I schould have been more understanding, but you also have to understand that youre telling me 4 days before youre leaving to live in another country, you know I was a little in chock"

" Sandra I understand 100% if it was me I would have reactet the same way okay I just dont wonna fight your one of my best friends and I dont wonna lose you"

" I dont wonna lose you too, but what was that phone call all about you just walked away all of a sudden"

" yeah I was acturrely gonna ask you about something in this subjekt. The guy I talked to was on of the guys im in group with in the xfactor and I didnt tell you cause I wanted you to meet them first, I acturrely meeting them tommorow do you wonna come with me"

" yeah id love to "

"cool see ya then Niall"

"see ya then "

"sooo what happent?" Sissi asked " I told him what I though and he agreed and invitet me to meet his friends from the group tommorow and I sayed Yes" "thats good im gonna take home so you can get some sleep" "okay"

soo now we re met Aria and we know that Sandra likes Niall and she sayed yes to met the guys. The next chapter we ll see Arias point of view of Sandra and Nialls phone call and all this xfactor..

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