Fame vs. New Love story.

friendship, love, drama, fanfiction, Niall Horan, One Direction


10. The meeting (the boys)

Sandra and Niall was on there way at we was about to get ready when we startet talking about how she could be like.

"I thinks she tall with blond hair and blue eyes and she is very talented in some caint of intrument and then she have to be sweet" sayed Harry.

" I acturrely thinks she have red hair and is good to soccer with brown eyes and is tall" sayd zayn

" im pictureing her as a short black haired with green eyes and is a good painter" sayed Liam

" I agree in Liam when he says she is short Niall is short too and in some way I think he likes her. I also thinks she is a blond girl and she have green eyes but I think she is more a singer caint of person"

before we got to talk more it rang on the door and we where all exsided too see and talk with Sandra and there she where a very shy girl she walked into the living room and all the boys couldnt believe what they re saw.

She is a very beautiful girl, not that tall, with brown her and her eyes where a mix of blue, green and grey abd she was very fit. we asked her what she liked to do and Niall interupted saying she did all the things we saying there we knew we had du talk with him about this girl we had to explane that xfactor is importen and Sandra alway will be there. he promise that xfactor was the first thing on his mind.

After our talk Louis would get some food and asked her and she sayed of Nialls favoritte places to eat witch sudden also where hers but we ending up with pizza.

Yeah and when I got him they had chose a movie I could see on Niall he tryed to seen like he hasent feelings for her but he does I know short after the movie they took of home.

This was one of the long because there is 5 persons who are talking I hope you like it. The next chapter we haering how it goes at Nialls place for Sandras side...

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