Fame vs. New Love story.

friendship, love, drama, fanfiction, Niall Horan, One Direction


8. The meeting (sandra)

Today is the day, Niall wants me to meet the lads from his group.

Its a little bit strang for me that im gonna meet, I meen the only thing I know is that there in Nialls group, and what schould I do if I dont like schould I tell it to Niall, not that would change enything.

Someone rings on the door and when I open it, was it Niall.

"are you ready to go" he asked "yes let me get my jacket"

And then we drove to england there is a couple of hours to The place we where going witch Niall wont say where.

"comon say where we re going with them" "no the only thing I will say is that one of the lads are borned and live there" "alright"

The rest of the time we re just heart music and sang along I dont mind singing with Niall just because his better than me, then there would be alot of things that we couldnt do because I was better than

"We re almost there now" Niall sayed and turned off the music "okay" "where do you think we re at?" "um I dont know London" "hahaha that was not even close" "then tell me" "i ll give and hint more, we re been here before to watch soccer" "um manchester?" "no we re also been, but where were we the last time?" "Doncaster" "yes correct" "we re here now cant wait to get in there are you ready to meet them" "yeah" I answered but in real life I wasent and I didnt know what to say.

But it was to late and we where already standing on the door step and ringing on the door, when a little bit older boy is open the door.

"come inside" "thank you" I sayed and walked inside the livinroom where Niall already got confirble with the other boys on the coutch

"Oh how are we re rude lets tell her our name for god sacs" "im louis" ( that was the little older boy) "im Liam" (he didnt look that older might as well on the age as us) " im harry" ( he was defendly not older he looked very young) "im zayn" ( I acturrely dosent know aboug him) " and whats your name " Liam sayed with a very polite voise "oh yeah my name is Sandra" "and where do you know Niall from" Liam asked again " we re live on the same street and we re always have been" " does you guys go on the same school then" louis ask very fast before liam could ask something again and this time Niall answert " No in ireland we re believe in that boys and girls schouldnt learn together it distakes to much" " and he goes in school in the west part of the city and I go on the south part" I added "cool" Harry sayed " now your haer we can get to know you do play videogames, instruments, paint" and before zayn even where finish with the sentence Niall interuptet and sayed she does all of them and is also good at sports"

The boys took Niall into another room to talk. after some time they came out and asked if I like something to eat " shure im always hungry are there a mcd or nando in the naborhood?" "no but the is a pizza place down the road I can get something to us" "um yeah shure" when Louis where after pizza we re set the table and find a movie we could see. Then louis came home and we startet eating and watching the movie after that Niall and I had too take home as said it is a long trip and we re have school tommorow...

In the car Niall was acting wierd and i couldnt really ask why was it what they talk about in the kitchen, he was also wierd at the movie. Then suddenly he asked " do you like the boy?" " yeah they cool, but why have you been acting wierd did they tell you something in that kitchen?" " wierd I dont know what your talking about?" "at the movie examble at home when we see movies we share blankets and I get to leen at you under the movie and today you wouldnt even sit next to me, your one of my bestfriends and I want to know whats going in your brain." "nothing in just tired and didnt really see movie at the time" "okay its okay I dont wonna fight 2 days before you leave"

it became quit in the car until we where at my house I was about to leave the car when Niall crapped my hand.

"Niall whats wrong?" " I have to talk to you tommorow can you get over at around 10am ""yeah shure"

And then I got out the car abd walked inside, my parents wasent really happy, but they understood why we where late.

So now Sandra have met the boys from the group, but Niall is acting wierd after a confirsion in the kitchen when where alone with them, did they say something. The next chapter we ll found out what Niall is thinking about all this.

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