Fame vs. New Love story.

friendship, love, drama, fanfiction, Niall Horan, One Direction


13. The goodbye (Sandra)

it where ealy very ealy in the morning we re talking about like 4am or something and I couldnt sleep, I couldnt stop thinking about Niall, Him leaving not even 1 day after we desided to be together, and Yes there is also that one thing I havent told him. The Xfactor crew said that I could live in the house, but only if im gonna shop in food for them. Of couse I said Yes, But I gavent told Niall yet, I dont know if he is going to be happy or sad. I have to tell him in the next 4 hours.

1 hour later ....

I really have to go and tell Niall Im leaving tomorrow and ge is leaving today. He have to now that we re are going to live in the same house together for the rest of x factor.

Im on my way to Nialls house when I see a boy, who looks like is on my age crying on the other side of the rode I walked closer and I saw it was Niall.

"Niall whats wrong?"

"Oh Sandra I cant stand that im leaving in a couple of hours, I cant stand leaving you"

"Niall it all gonna be alright cause your not leaving me"

"what do you mean"

"the xfactor crew said that I could live there if I shoped for them, It was surposed to be surprise"

"Oh Sandra you dont know how happy you just made me, I have to go packing see ya later sweethaert"

"yeah we do"

Arrrrrrh It was the first time Niall ever called me something difrent besides Sandra now it acturrely feels like we re more than friends.

Its a couple of hours later and its time to say good bye to Niall Its hard even when I know we re gonna see each other the day after, we both cried, hugged. He sayed goodbye to hes and my parents and then walked towards the car, our parents had left couse they had work, And i was on my way to go when something touched my back, I looked back and saw Niall, then he looked me in the eyes and sayed I didnt say goodbye in the right way and Kissed me right on the mouth, It was just how I Imagine it would be like and then he ran over to his car and drow away.

Its wierd cause after only 1 hour I missed him.

Sooo Love is in the air and the love birds, are going to live together, I wonder How thats gonna go. In the Next chapter we re hearing how Niall saw the goodbye.

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