Keeping The Peace

Vanessa has known the boys for many years. She's even gone on tour with them a few times. She loves them all very much, but has a special place in her heart for Niall. When she has a sleepover with them, it all turns to disaster though. You might think having a sleepover with them would be great, but not when your presence compromises their friendship.


6. The Final Choice

       Weeks later, Niall posted this picture on Instagram and captioned it, "I love Vanessa more than words can explain. #ILoveLove". At first, the rest of the boys were pretty upset that Vanessa chose Niall, but they soon got over it. They realized that Niall truly loves her, therefor he deserves her. They all loved her as well, but Niall's love went deeper than words. Niall would give her the world just to see her smile.

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