Keeping The Peace

Vanessa has known the boys for many years. She's even gone on tour with them a few times. She loves them all very much, but has a special place in her heart for Niall. When she has a sleepover with them, it all turns to disaster though. You might think having a sleepover with them would be great, but not when your presence compromises their friendship.


1. Just The Beginning

          Vanessa was looking through her pictures on Twitter when she got a Skype call from Louis. Immediately, Vanessa picked up. When she looked at her phone she was a little bit confused though. No one was on the screen. Louis wasn't there; none of the boys were. Vanessa let out a sigh. She was about to hang up, but out of nowhere five heads suddenly pop up. Vanessa was so startled that she jumped out of her chair. As she was pulling herself back up to sit down she could hear the boys chuckling under their breaths. After she was settled back in her seat she started giggling as well. The boys all looked at her oddly. Harry asked Louis,"What's so funny? Did I accidentally say something funny?" Louis just shrugged. Finally, Vanessa took a deep breath then said," Sorry. It's just that I really wish you could see how you guys look right now." Vanessa put a handheld mirror in front of the phone. They saw that their heads were squished together so they could all fit on the screen. They busted out laughing and Harry fell onto the floor.

            Once they finally stopped laughing, Vanessa yawned then asked Louis," So, what did you call me for?" Louis smiled then looked at the boys surrounding him. "Well," he started," We were wondering if you'd like to sleepover tonight?" he asked. Again, Vanessa yawned. She nodded 'yes' and stood up. " Okay. The boys and I will be there in an hour! Make sure you pack heavily. We're going to have so much fun!" Louis said then hung up...without saying goodbye. None of the boys said goodbye. Vanessa loves all the boys dearly and has grown very close to them considering that she's been on tour with them several times. It's actually slightly odd that they're best friends because the boys are famous and Vanessa is nothing; she's just someone they know.

          After Louis hung up Vanessa rushed to get her things together, then she took a quick shower. When the boys arrived Vanessa jumped with joy. They came in the door and yelled," Vanessa! Come out, come out wherever you are!" Vanessa ran down the stairs with her bags in hand and headed to the van. She wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine for not saying goodbye. They didn't really seem to care though. They just shrugged like they always do then walked out the door. Vanessa loaded her things into the back of the van then waited for the boys to get there. Louis got in the driver's seat, Harry in the passenger's, Liam and Zayn in the very back, and Niall in the middle with one seat next to him. Vanessa's heart dropped. She was excited yet VERY nervous.

          Many things ran through her head. "What if I start sweating really bad? What if my stomach makes a gargantuan rumble? What if I accidentally fall asleep on Niall, but he pushes me off because he doesn't want me on him? What if? What if? What if?" she thought. She took the only seat in the van left and sat with her legs crossed and her back straight. She was trying very hard not to look like a slob. Vanessa made no direct eye contact or any contact whatsoever with Niall, but then he ruined it by asking, " So, you got a boyfriend?" How was she suppose to answer that? Most people would just give a simple 'yes' or 'no', but it was different with her. Vanessa gulped and started to sweat a bit. " Um, no I-I-I don't actually. Doesn't s-s-surprise me though," she managed to stutter out. Niall looked down then looked into her eyes. " You're beautiful, so don't let that get you down. Just because you don't have a boyfriend it doesn't mean you're weak; it means that you are strong enough to wait for what you deserve," Niall said then winked. Louis coughed," Gag!" Niall glared at him. " Oh sorry," Louis said," I meant 'We're here'. My bad," Louis smirked with narrow eyes.

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