Keeping The Peace

Vanessa has known the boys for many years. She's even gone on tour with them a few times. She loves them all very much, but has a special place in her heart for Niall. When she has a sleepover with them, it all turns to disaster though. You might think having a sleepover with them would be great, but not when your presence compromises their friendship.


5. It Got Worse

        Later that day, Vanessa went back downstairs after she too had fallen asleep. When she reached the kitchen, she saw that no one was there. Neither was there anybody in the living room. She went looking through the boys' rooms to see of they were in there, but Niall, Liam, Louis, or Harry weren't in their rooms. She opened Zayn's door and was relieved. There on his bed was Zayn texting. Zayn looked at the door and saw Vanessa standing there. He sat up and invited her in. Vanessa looked down as tears started to well up in her eyes. "Zayn," she wept out," I need some advice. I don't know what to do," she cried. Zayn held her tight trying to calm her down. "Are you talking about what happened between you and Harry?" he asked. Vanessa looked up and started crying even harder. "How does everyone know?" she yelled. Zayn layed her down on his bed and layed beside her. "Get some sleep. You're tired and you need to calm down. And don't you worry about me leaving you while you sleep. I'll be here when you wake. I promise. Sleep tight," he whispered as Vanessa dozed off into a deep slumber.

        Hours later Vanessa woke up to a yelling sound coming from the other side of the door. It sounded like...Niall? And Harry? And Zayn?! Vanessa looked at the other side of the bed where Zayn was lying when she had fallen asleep. The only thing lying there now were two pillows covered with a sheet. Vanessa got up and rushed to open the door, but before she could grasp the handle, the door came flying open. "We're leaving!" Zayn yelled at Harry and Niall as they followed him into his room. "No, Zayn! You're not going to lay a finger on her! She's staying here!" Niall yelled back. Vanessa got weak and fell to the floor and started crying. All of this was happening because of her. Zayn grabbed Vanessa's arm and slung her on his bed. She cried even harder as Zayn paced over to his dresser and started sling clothes around everywhere. "Zayn! You're scaring her half to death right now! You need to cool down, so she needs to stay here with us!" Harry barked at Zayn. Harry started towards Vanessa, but was stopped by Zayn. Zayn was about three inches away from Harry's face. "I don't care what she needs! She's going with me! You guys only treat her like another pretty face!" Zayn snarled while holding on to Harry's shirt.

         Just then, Louis and Liam walked in to see a very angry Zayn and Vanessa sitting in a pool of tears. Their jaws dropped. "Stay out of this!" Zayn snapped at them. Niall walked over to Liam and Louis and whispered something in their ears. Louis walked over to Zayn. "Zayn, I know you love her, but this is not the way to go about it, Lad," he said while Niall slipped in behind him to take Vanessa. Zayn caught Niall though and threw him to the ground. "You're not going to take her from me!" he growled. Vanessa had had enough and it was time for her to say something. She stood up and closed her eyes. " I love you all very dearly, but I can't take this anymore! Niall, I lied to you. Harry kissed me in the bathroom that one night, but I pushed away as soon as I realized what was happening. And when Louis talked to me, he kissed me, too. I'm sorry that I've been lying to you, but I didn't want to hurt you. Now, Zayn, I'm not going with you, and you can't make me. I know you're just trying to make me happy, but this is not at all how you even attempt to do so. I guess it's time for me to make a decision. I can't have all of you," she said sitting back down and dropping her head. Does she want Louis: the funny, manipulative guy, Zayn: the mysterious, protective type, Harry: the "womanizer" who is actually very caring, Niall: the sweet and soft Irish boy, or Liam: the mature guy with all the advice? Vanessa looked up," I have made my decision."

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