Keeping The Peace

Vanessa has known the boys for many years. She's even gone on tour with them a few times. She loves them all very much, but has a special place in her heart for Niall. When she has a sleepover with them, it all turns to disaster though. You might think having a sleepover with them would be great, but not when your presence compromises their friendship.


4. Could This Possibly Get Any Worse?

       The next morning Vanessa woke up and went downstairs to the kitchen. Louis was sitting on a stool at the island. Vanessa looked around confused. "Where's Niall?" Vanessa asked. "Louis' smile turned into a frown. "Niall's still asleep," Louis said agitated. Vanessa stood there for a few minutes looking around. Louis patted the seat next to him which wasn't very big at all. "Come, sit down. Don't worry there's enough room for the both of us," he said in a suttle whisper. Vanessa sighed and sat down, but she slipped off. Vanessa just laughed. "Here, let me help you," he said. Vanessa got up on the stool then Louis pulled her up onto his lap. Vanessa grew wide eyed. "L-L-Louis? What are you doing!?" she asked. "Helping you sit here, duh. Don't worry, friends do this all the time," he giggled. Vanessa took a deep breath. "Louis. Friends don't sit on their friend's lap. They just don't, and if yours do, then that's kind of weird," she said about to get off, but then something horrible happened.

       Just as she was about to get  down off of Louis' lap, Niall walked in and stopped in his tracks when he saw Vanessa. He looked down at his feet. "Niall! Good morning!" she said hopping off of Louis' lap. Vanessa walked over to Niall and gave him a hug. Niall smiled and hugged her back. Vanessa walked over to the stove and turned it on. "You boys hungry for some French toast, eggs, sausage, and bacon?" she asked. Niall jumped with joy and nodded. Louis nodded while looking at Niall with narrow eyes, but Niall didn't even notice him. As Vanessa was making breakfast, the rest of the boys came into the kitchen.

        After breakfast, everyone headed into the living room. It wasn't long before Harry, Zayn, and Liam were asleep on the couch while watching Toy Story, even though it was only ten' o clock in the morning. Louis, Niall, and Vanessa were the only ones still awake. "Hey, Vanessa. Can I talk to you real quick?" Louis asked. "Yeah, why not?" she said. Louis grabbed her hand and pulled her up the stairs. Vanessa looked at Niall as she passed him and could see the hurt in his eyes. Once again, she hurt someone she loved. When Louis and Vanessa got upstairs, Louis quickly pulled her into her room and shut the door. He sat her down on her bed then sat beside her.

         Louis took Vanessa's hands into his and looked into her eyes. "So," Louis started," What did you and Niall do last night?" he asked. "We just talked," she said looking around. "Really," he said and layed down beside Vanessa. "Did he do this?" he asked kissing her lips. Vanessa pushed away from him and turned her head. "N-no," she said hesitantly. Louis sat up. "I know what happened between you and Harry last night," he said. "What? How did you find out? Nevermind that, I don't care how you found out, just please don't tell Niall! I'm begging you!" Vanessa pleaded. Louis stood up and winked at Vanessa then left the room. Vanessa sat on her bed for a little while. When Vanessa went downstairs, Louis had left and Niall had fallen asleep on the couch like the other boys. Vanessa turned around and went back to her room.

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