Trouble (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)

Copyright 2014


1. Chapter 1

||song for this chapter: Let Her Go - Jasmine Thompson||

Breathing in the summer air, hearing the birds chirping waking up from their slumber. Everything's awake. It's 7:13am in the morning on a Monday. Back to school. My name is Skylar, but my friends just call me Sky. I'm not the type of girl you think is flawless and barely wears any makeup and looks good in practically everything. No.. I'm like most girls. Insecure about how you look and staring at yourself in the mirror and looking at all these pimples and all these gross things you wish you could change. I'm not popular either.. I don't really care much for popularity. What I care about is my best friend Mariah and my boyfriend Austin.

I walked to where we all meet and see them talking. Once they saw me their faces lit up and they both ran to me and we all had a group hug. Yes, it's a small group. I'm not really into a big group. Small is better; less drama.

"How was your summer, love?" Mariah excitingly said. She could be really annoying at times but we all love her anyways. Shes a great listener and she cares a lot about people. "It was great. I didn't really do anything exciting though." She nodded. I looked over at Austin and he was staring at something. I looked at what he was staring at and it was Angelina. The biggest slut, had sex with mostly every guy in this school. I hit him in the chest. He looked at me confused,"What was that for?"

I rolled my eyes,"What did you do this summer?" He looked down.. I got nervous. "Can we talk in private?" He didn't give me time to answer back. He grabbed me by my arm and pulled me to where no one can see us.

"What Austin?"

"I.. I think we need to break up."

My eyes started watering up. "W..why?"

"I hooked up with someone else over the summer.."

I took a step back and turned around. I had to get out of here, I walked faster to get somewhere quiet. Once I got into the bathroom, thank god no one was in there, I leaned on my back and slowly slid down crying. We've been together for almost 2 years, I don't know what I did. I trusted him, I thought I could. I got up full of anger and punched the wall a bunch of times. Leaving one of my hands all bloody and bruised. I walked to the nurses office and showed her my hand. Her eyes grew bigger and she immediately called my dad's brother. You don't know much about me, I guess I should tell you my exciting life. Just kidding.. My life was a living hell. When I was 8 my mother left me with my dad for a drug dealer. She's pretty stupid, I know. Well when I was 12 my dad was diagnosed with leukemia so I was left with his brother Steve. Sadly, my dad told Steve that he didn't want to have me visit him anymore because he didn't want to be seen looking practically dead. I'm 15 now and Steve has never told me if my dad was a survivor or if he's dead.. But anyways, I have a lot of anger issues and me punching that wall wasn't the first time. It used to be on a daily basis because I hated when people would brag about their parents and shit and having the best family they could ever have. Anyways, of course the nurse is going to call Steve, tell him to pick me up and take me home, and I'm going to be having to sit there for 5 hours listening to Steve's stupid lectures that I really don't give a shit about.

But yeah, that's my life. Now I have to deal living without someone I truly fell in love with, knowing that he cheated on me. I really thought I could trust Austin.

I started to break down in front of the nurse while she was on the phone with Steve an she was practically begging him to get here faster before I strangle her or break something (this wasn't the first time and also if you think this is bad? Trust me.. A lot worse has happened in my past school years)

A couple minutes later Steve walked in and thanked the nurse. Taking me out to his car. I got in and just looked out the window still crying. He got into the drivers seat and took out pills from the glovebox. He leaned back to grab a bottle of water an handed me 2 pills and the water. I sighed,"Do I have to?" I glared at him. He knew what happened immediately because I got used to the fact about my life with my parents. The only thing left that I would totally break down to was Austin.. So he gave me anxiety pills. He nodded and I threw both of them down my throat and took 2 gulps of water and handed it to him. "What happened?" he asked. I looked down,"He broke up with me because he hooked up with someone else over the summer.."

He just nodded and drove off. I dozed off on the way home and finding myself slowly fall asleep.

||sorry it's short.. Justin will be in the next chapter trust me I just want you to know more about her. But anyways, about it being short, its kind of late and I'm tired. I promise I'll write more tomorrow, but I wont be updating for awhile. Probably every Saturday and Tuesdays maybe.. It's summer time so I'm hanging out with friends a lot but I promise I'll update as much as I can. I hope you like the start of it. Please vote(:||

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