The Gang

What happens when her dad sends her away from her abusive mom and the fact that she might be in danger. Her dad knows where she is going but does London. When she finds out that she is going away for awhile. What would happen when she finds out his secret? Will she runaway or stay? What happens when she falls for him or he falls for her?


3. Shopping

London’s p.o.v

I woke up and I got out of bed still in my pjs. I walked to the bathroom did things in there and came out. I was looking around for something to wear.  I got bored so I just went down in my pjs. I walked down the stairs and smelled something really good. I saw Niall sitting on the couch and he was reading a book. I walked over to him and he looked up from his book.

“Hello sleeping beauty” Niall said

“Hey what are you reading Ni”

“How to kill a mockingbird.”

“Oh where is Louis”

“He is still sleeping”

I looked at my phone that I left on the coffee table and it was 11:30.

“Its almost noon tho”

“That does not stop Louis from sleeping”

Niall went back to his book and Harry came out and sat in a chair. I looked around and there was nothing to do.

“Well I am going to go and wake him up”

“No!” Harry yelled

“What?!? Why?”

“Its a bad idea…… he hates it when he gets woken up”

“Well he will have to get the hell over it” I said walking into the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of painkillers and a glass of water. I walked back up the stairs and I glanced down and Niall was reading and Harry was looking at me. I got to the top of the stairs. I went to Louis room and opened the door. I put the pills and the water down on his night stand that he had by the bed. I sat on the bed by his side and he rolled over and his eyes fluttered open.

“Hey beautiful” he said in a sexy british morning voice, I felt my face burn and I blushing.

“H-Hey” i shuttered because what he said.

“Are you okay love”

“Yeah i am fine Louis why wouldn’t i be how are you doing” I asked shyly.

“Hurts still”

“Well you got stabbed to its going to hurt for a couple of days”

“Yeah and I have Prom to go to tonight”


“Whats so funny”

“I graduated already”

“Oh just because you're older than me does not mean anything.”

“We are only a couple of months apart” I said rolling my eyes. I handed him the pills and he took them. I smiled that he took them without fighting me, last time I had to force him to take them I sat on his lap and make him take them, but he finally did. The other boys were helping me to get him to get it in him. I got up and he grabbed my arm. I looked down at him and he had a smile on his face.

“Yes Louis”

“Can you get me some clothes”

“Wow Really what do I look like a maid”


I sighed and grabbed on of his pillows and hit him with hit. He grabbed the pillow and pulled on it. I had a tight grip on it so I went down with it I landed on top of him and I felt my face turn red. Our faces were inches away, he was moving his head in and so was I. Then the door opened, I jumped out of the bed and was standing there.

“Whoa what was going on in here”


“It looked like something”

‘Shut up Hazza” I said hitting up side the head and I left the room.


Its been a couple of hours and everyone was in the front room. We were all sitting in quiet till I stood up and took a deep breath.

“So how want to go shopping”

“Why do you want to go shopping” Harry said

“Well my dad left some of my clothes there in the U.S so I kinda need some new clothes”

“Okay we will go with” Louis said getting up from the couch. Harry turned off the T.V and got up.

“Okay well I still have to get dressed because I have been lazy for the past hour.” I walked up the stairs and went to the bathroom did my hair and makeup and then i got dressed. I know that I did it backwards but who cares. I walked back down the stairs and the boys were staring at me. I face turned red and i spoke up.

“What is it? Why are you guys staring at me like that”

“Damn Girl you fine in a dress” Harry spoke. I felt my face turn red and then Louis hit him up side the head. I giggled at what he did.

“She looks like a lady in a dress”

“Yeah and I can’t wait to see what she looks like in a swimsuit.”

“Hazza” I said getting mad, I walked down the stairs and slapped him across the face. “DON’T EVER SAY THAT AGAIN HARRY UNLESS NEXT TIME YOU WANT TO BE SIX FEET UNDER! You fucking perv” Then I walked over to the door.

“She has anger like Zayn” Niall said. Then Louis elbowed him in the gut.

“Don’t ever say that name in the house again. I know Niall that you live here and the only person that don’t is Harry but I will kick you out and make you live with him”

“Who is Zayn”

“No one lets just go”


We were at the Mall and me Niall, Harry and Louis are looking for swimsuits. Harry is trying to get me to try on a swimsuit and I am tell him no like over and over again.

“Please just try on this swimsuit London”  Harry winned.

“Hazza No i am not trying it on I don’t like the color of it and its a 2 piece”

“Well will you try on this one” Niall said holding out one.


“What?!? Why?!?” he asked and looking at the swimsuit.

“I don’t wear a swimsuit that is orange Niall I don’t like the color orange”

Niall and Harry walked away. I was left alone because Louis went some where in the store where I have no idea. I think I like Louis. I can’t tho I just meet him. I was looking around till i heard a husky voice and it was not Harry’s type it was more, Not Louis’ type either.

“So why are you hanging out with them” the husky voice said again. I looked to see who was talking to me and I see this guy with black hair in a quiff, tattoos on his arm, a black tanktop, and back jeans with black boots. I looked at him again and saw that he was checking me out. I walked away till he grabbed my arm.

“Let go of me” I said trying to pull away.

“No I have some people for you to meet”

Zayn let her go” and I saw Louis.


“Oh have you grown on her. You know Louis there wasn’t only people after her there in the U.S you should've known that there would be people here too”

“Zayn let her go now”

What is he talking about? What people? Who in the hell would want me? When he was not looking I bit his hand. He let go and I ran by Louis. Then Zayn took a deep breath and walked out. Louis turned towards me.

“Are you okay”


“Well I got you a swimsuit I think you’ll like it”

He pulled it out of the bag, and I gasped.

“Omg Louis I love it thank you”

“Okay well lets go back home I really don’t want to keep on shopping because who knows how long Zayn is going to stay around.”  

“Yeah I think that is enough shopping for me too”

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