The Gang

What happens when her dad sends her away from her abusive mom and the fact that she might be in danger. Her dad knows where she is going but does London. When she finds out that she is going away for awhile. What would happen when she finds out his secret? Will she runaway or stay? What happens when she falls for him or he falls for her?



I woke up and went to my closet and tried to find a outfit.  I finally found one and I went in the bathroom and did my make up then I changed into the outfit that I picked out. I went down the stairs and I went to Louis room and he was gone.  I looked around and found a piece of paper, I unfolded it and it said.

London I have this week left of school so you're going to be home alone. Sorry that i can’t be there with you but school happens. If I come home to a cut lip then don’t worry i just got in a fight but i’ll see you when i get home.

I shook my head and realized that it was noon, wow how long did i sleep. I went to the kitchen, and started to cook some meat the was in the fridge.  Soon the door opened, I grabbed a knife and slowly walked towards the door and I froze when i saw Zayn, and that one other guy from the other night.

“I thought you said that she would be here Zayn”

“Liam I did I saw Louis, leave without her”

“Shh do you hear that its coming from the kitchen”  

I was scared so I found a closet door and shut it. I grabbed my phone and put it on mute. Then I texted Louis.

(London red and Louis blue)

Louis I need you home now Liam and Zayn are in the house i’m scared I don’t know what i am suppose to do. I’m in a closet right now but plz get her now.

~take me to neverland~

Okay i was at lunch but i will be right there don’t say anything just stay there and be quiet don’t let your guard down. Do you have something with you that you can protect yourself with

Yeah I got a knife from the kitchen, i’m scared tho Lou, plz hurry up and get here.

~take me to neverland~

I’m right outside stop texting me.

I locked my phone and then I heard the front door opened then my door opened that i was hiding in. I looked up and saw Louis. I jumped up and gave him a hug,

“I’m so happy that you are here”

“I won’t let anything happen to you London, I’m so sorry that i left you here alone.”

“Why do they want me? What did I ever do to them?”

“Its something about your father thats all I know London please just stay here and don’t let anyone in the house. “

“What about my father? I need to know this stuff I have to know!”

“London, I can’t say just trust me.”

“Why can’t you.”

“I just can’t”

“Whatever, just go”

Louis left the house and I was there cleaning up the fight. I got done and sat on the couch. What did Louis mean by its something about my father? If my father is in trouble i need to know, he is my dad and he has protect me ever since i was little and I need to help him! I walked over to the table, and grabbed my phone, I went to my contacts and found my dad’s number. I called it and it just rang, rang and rang, then it went to his voice mail…. is he dead….. no i can’t think that….but what if he is? No that can’t happen to me, I need him he is the only thing that i have left, what am I going to do without him? Soon there was a knock on the door, I answered the door and it was a mailman, I grabbed the mail and sat on the couch. I looked through them and found one for me it was from my dad…. I opened it and it was his handwriting.

Dear London,

    If you haven’t reached  me on my phone, or you haven’t heard from me, then I am dead, I am sorry that you had to hear it this way. I really hope you are safe with the people i sent you too.  I want you to have a good life not like this, I never wanted this life for you, I got in trouble with the wrong people. I love you and i am sorry that you have to hear it this way. Remember baby, I love you and I am watching over you, just have a happy life. I love you baby girl.



I broke down crying…..dead….dead…..he is dead and I can’t do anything about it. Who would of done this? Why would they hurt my father? Soon the door opened and I looked up and it was Louis, Niall, and Harry. I wiped away my tears, I guess Niall and Harry saw it they walked over, Niall grabbed the piece of paper from me and i guess he read it. He handed it around and I looked up and they all looked sad.

“I had to hear it like that, and that the only person that really cared about me died and, i hear it in a letter, you don’t know how bad that makes me feel. That the only person that cared about me in the whole world died for who knows how long.”

“You know there are other people that care about you..” Louis said.

“He was the only one that protected me… i don’t know what i would do without him now, and know he is gone. What am i going to do..”

“Its okay, its going to be okay.”


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