The Gang

What happens when her dad sends her away from her abusive mom and the fact that she might be in danger. Her dad knows where she is going but does London. When she finds out that she is going away for awhile. What would happen when she finds out his secret? Will she runaway or stay? What happens when she falls for him or he falls for her?


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London’s p.o.v

My plane landed. My dad sent me to london to live with someone that can protect me.


“Dad whats going on” I asked worried

“London you're going away”

“What why?”

“Because you have too, I can’t say but you have to leave the country I will call everyday to see if you are okay”

“Okay dad Love you”

“Start your dream be a singer” my dad said while i shut my door.


My dad called me not to long ago and said that someone will be there to pick me up. There was a guy that grabbed my boxes and suitcases. Right now i am in the waiting area waiting for someone to pick me up. I am texting Luke and it is very weird. I looked up from my phone to see someone standing in front of me. He was wearing boots, skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, with a few tattoos on his arm, he has curly brown hair, and he is smiling with diples.

“Hi are you London” he asked. I nodded my head. Then he grabbed my guitar and I grabbed it from him. “Okay well i am Harry and I will grab these boxes”

“Hi, so why was i sent here”

“Oh I don’t know you will have to ask Louis about that”


Harry’s p.o.v

I had to pick up London because Louis had to do things. He told us not to say that we are in a gang. I grabbed the boxes and London grabbed everything else. We got it in the trunk of the car. I open the door for her and she got in. The car ride was quiet till she spoke up.

“So Harry who is Louis”

“He is a friend of mine”

“Oh so do you live with him.”

“No I have my own flat”


“Its a house but I call it a flat”

“Oh okay”


We got to the house and Louis is still gone but Niall is here. I parked the car and saw Niall come running out.

“Harry I just got a call from Louis he needs our help-” Then he stopped and saw that she was in the car.

“Um……… Niall this is London” I told Niall “Um we need to get her stuff in her room and we will go help Louis with the thing”


London’s p.o.v

Harry showed me my room it was bare but I can change that. The one that carried in my boxes, has blond hair, braces, tall, no tattoos, he is nice and sweet. I was unpacking and then the boys walked in carrying on one of my boxes that was big they looked they were having troubles.

“What is in the box” Niall asked

“Music things” I said quietly. They put the box down and walked out of my room and they left the house.


It was an hour when i got done unpacking and decorating my new room. I walked down the stairs and turned on the TV. After 30 minutes the door sung wide open I turned around on the couch. I saw Niall and Harry and I think Louis over their shoulders. I got up off the couch and  ran over to them.

“What happen”

“He got beat up what does it look like” Niall snapped a little

“Lay him on the couch I will get him cleaned up”

I got stuff to clean him up with. I got on my knees and put peroxide on a rag and washed up his scars, I felt him wince in pain, I bit my bottom lip and put rubbing alcohol on a different rag and cleaned them up better. How could this happen. I took off his bloody shirt, I looked up at Harry and handed him Louis’ shirt.

“Do you think it might be weird that when he wakes up that he doesn’t have a shirt on”

“Do you want him to all bloody or not Harry your choice”

Then he walked off and I saw that he got stabbed not that deep but I could patch it up.

“Niall can you get me the first aid kit.”


He walked off. I grabbed the rag with the peroxide and I got it to where i could see the wound, Niall came back I opened it and I found needle and thread. I threaded the needle and sewed up the scar. I got done I took a deep breath and cleaned up, I had Niall and Harry help me. Louis is on the couch hotter than hell, I put a cold wash rag on his forehead and changed it out every now and then I washed my hands because they were covered up in blood. I sat on the chair on the other side of the room.  

“Is he going to be okay”

“He should, I mean I did a pretty good job on getting him cleaned up…… who ever did it they did a good number on him”

“Yeah they did”

“Well I am going to check on his rag.”

I got up from the chair and walked over to Louis when I was getting ready to grab the rag a hand grabbed my wrist, I was scared at first till he spoke.

“I am fine thanks for the help Harry”

“Harry get me pain killers, Niall get me a cup of water”


Louis’ p.o.v

“I am fine thanks Harry”

“Harry get me pain killers, Niall get me a cup of water.” A girls voice said. Okay that is not Harry, unless its Eleanor but its not I can’t think that because Eleanor is dead thanks to Liam that is one reason why I hate him grrr he makes me pissed. The thing is that we have a prom to go to in 1 day. Who am I going to take? But I am not going to worry about that. Who is in my house, Harry might of turned into a girl but I doubt that. My eyes fluttered open and I saw a girl with tan skin, caramel brown eyes, black wavy hair, a dark red bennie on, with a black tanktop and a jean jacket. Who in the hell is that.

“Don’t move your stitches will rip.” she said lightly

I laid back down till Harry and Niall helped me sit up she gave me a pill and a cup full of water. She smiled when I took the pill.

“I am London”

“I am Louis, you can call me Lou, or if you're Niall and Harry its Boobear.”

She is pretty. She took a deep breath, and sat down. She grabbed the rag that was on top of my forehead. After 3 minutes she came back with it cold and wet and put it on my forehead. It felt really good. I sighed and laid back down.

“So this is a nice place”

“So London you like it here”

She just smiled and nodded.


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