Diana +Harry= darcy part 1 (finished)

When she was seven she saw her dead mom and still des to this day how does harry feel read this book to find out .


17. we meet agian?

*9years later * 

*Darcy's p.o.v* 

I was walking in my new high school tons of  people   but one stood out he had brow hair and blue eyes just like ...Nash he looked at me I smiled started to walk toward me and I did to. He grabbed me and hugged me I smiled "how's high school Darcy"  " Good what about you  he smiled " perfect " we walked around and talk about different thing like forest Gump ,or movies we have seen even how we love YouTube. Then the bell  went off  we looked at each other "well I have to go" then he grabbed my hand " I will miss you darcy" he let go of my hand and ran to his class room. I smiled and went into the class room


I sat down with the girls in my class "hi Darcy" betty said "hay betty ,hi guys " "who's walking  towards you " said betty smiling "I turn around ,it was nash "it's...Nash " betty starts to giggle "your crush " then something that Change me forever "no my crush" I turn around to be face to face with nash "I am your crush" I start to blush "aww" the girls said in harmony 

I turn around "grow up " then nash picks me up  "NASH" he puts a note in my pocket and ran to his class. I grabbed the note and smiled betty came up and looked *gasp* I looked at her

"Who wants to be with me?" She smiles "obviously nash" I read the note one more time I smiled


I liked you ...No I loved you since I have first seen  you.

I knew you were in pain.I just want to make your like better.

I know this might sound crazy but 

Will you go out with me ?

--- yes? or no? 


I grabbed my pen and marked 


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