Diana +Harry= darcy part 1 (finished)

When she was seven she saw her dead mom and still des to this day how does harry feel read this book to find out .


10. time is all it matters

*Harry's  p.o.v*

me and Diana were snuggling when she screamed "its time to go" we got to the hospital  and the doctors got us to are room and once Diana gave birth to Darcy something was not right then i kw what was wrong she was dieing "harry let me hold her " i let he hold Darcy" i love you both" and then she stopped breathing "i love you to Diana"and i kissed her head " harry styles please step out of the room we will take care of this when i stepped out they put a bag over Diana's head and rolled her out of the room and i fell down crying and the boys ran up next to me by my side by side and they gave me hugs" i just lost the love of my dreams i don't know if there is a other" "there is " Niall said "who" "Darcy " Niall looks at me "we now know that you feel you have half a heart but you have your little girl and she will know how you feel she lost her mother and you  lost your love " i look up to the nurse "Mr. styles i am sorry  you wife is died " i started to cry again then she started to speck again "but Darcy is still in the room  you can take her home because-" i looked at her "sorry " and i walk over to Darcy's crib i picked her up and held her in my arms and started to cry "my little girl " and i kissed her on top of her head then her little finger grabbed my one finger.then i sang half a heart to my little girl and i sat down and she just feel asleep in my arms. then the boys came in they saw baby Darcy and they smiled while they held her i new this was my little girl the little girl in my dream she is my life now .

Darcy is my life and if anyone hurts her i will hurt  them






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