Diana +Harry= darcy part 1 (finished)

When she was seven she saw her dead mom and still des to this day how does harry feel read this book to find out .


9. the new mrs.styles

*Diana's p.o.v*

*3 years from now *

harry took me out to dinner and he was really happy when we got there  we had crab and some other foods like tacos when Liam, Louis, Niall and zayn walk in i looked at harry of  and he went up and sang half a heart i cried and in the middle of the song harry came up and pulled a ring out and he looked at me "will you marry me" i smiled and kissed him "yes " the crowed goes crazy and harry took me up on the stage and put the ring on my finger . i cried and he hugged me tight  i kissed his cheek  "i love you and we walked out of the food place and that hen i told harry "i am pregnant" he smiled at me."you have to be kidding me" i shook my head no and he ran up to me and touched my stomach  "guys i am a daddy" they ran over   and congratulate  harry and we all went home

**five month mark**

"harry are you ready?" "ya almost " today is when we get to see if  the baby is a boy or girl

*get to hospital*

"so we are having my wedding after the baby is born"

"if that  ok with you"

"thats perfect"


we enter and i lay down on the bed and the doctor went and put stuff on my  stomach and he went around with the altra sound tool

"its a...girl" harry jumped up with excitement and i did a little bit too and we came  out of the hospital happy . i cant just wait to see her my baby


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