Diana +Harry= darcy part 1 (finished)

When she was seven she saw her dead mom and still des to this day how does harry feel read this book to find out .


23. the image's

*Harry's p.o.v* 

-where am I -

I look around to see a meadow.full of flowers and a lady in the middle.

Excuse me...miss. she turned around and I stoped walking "Diana?" She ran up and hugged me "your finally home!" She said and she kissed my cheek "so how do you like it " I look around to see...a little house she grabbed my hand and walked me to the cabin.

*Darcys p.o.v* 

I walk into the hospital and request to see my dad the let me (finally). I look at my dad. Tears got to my eyes and nash came in "babe,you ok?" I look back at him and shook my head yes.

I went and grabbed his hand 

*Harry's p.o.v* 

We into the cabin she sat me down on the couch and she sat on the side of me.Diana was wearing a long dress the color was...white.she started to put her head on my side  I took her hand and she came up and got to my side. "Harry?" She looked with me with them big dark blue eyes. "Yes?"  "Do you still love me?" 

I smiled she did too "yes I will love you forever"

She yawned and we went to the bed she laid  down right next to me and I put my arms around her.

*Darcys p.o.v* 

They gave me 4months. That last week in September will be his last if he does not wake up.

Nash had to help me. He is like my partner he is so  nice I love him. He came up from the back and wrapped  his  arms around me ."Hey,I need to ask you a question" I turn around "what" I kissed him "once we are done with high school can we move in together"  I smiled "yes!"


*Harry's p.o.v* 

She waved at me good bye.

I kissed her one last time and she hugged me "Harry ,don't go "

"Love you" 

I woke up.

In the hospital? My lads are hear niall looked at me"Harry!" He went out to grab some one "Harry!" The other lads say then Darcy ran into the room and nash followed her."dad!" She hugged me.and nash sat Down into the seat "h...I .d.a.r..cy" I could barely talk the doctor came and took all of this junk of of my body and nash held darcys hand. "So nash how are you " he smiled and she did too."Good Mr.styles"the lads hugged me and we started to sing Diana.

"Darcy was in the room wile me and the lads sang this song.



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