Diana +Harry= darcy part 1 (finished)

When she was seven she saw her dead mom and still des to this day how does harry feel read this book to find out .


3. one chance

*Diana"s p.o.v *

"harry,who has the name harry" i looked at him and i was shocked it was one direction because of the pictures on the wall "harry are you from one direction?" he looked at me and smiled "yes me,Liam,Zayn,niall and louis" i was shocked i ran up to harry and huged him "you are a one directioner, right?" i looked at him "yes iam" i showed them a app that has there lyrics and it is called  directoner planet he lookes at me and smiles "who new a girl with the most gorgeus eyes could be in love with me..." i cant not belive this was happening we were going for a kiss intell  a voce comes in the room "wow hazza" he looked up and i did also it was zayn " hi zayn i am Diana" he smiles" yep she is a one directioner" i smiled  and harry grabed me "time for bed i will show you to your room " i smiled and he picked me up by the waist and put me over his soulder and ran in to the geust bedroom  and put me down on the bed night and kissed my four head and ran out of the room like a litte kid would do .... i wounder what is in his little mind of his is up too.

*Harry's p.o.v*

i layed in my bedroom looking at the celling and i snuggled up in the cold bed i wounderd  why i like this random girl i just met i fell asleep thinking of her and how she has her amazing voice and her eyes ...i turned over to happy i do like her ALOT .how do i tell her do i tell her? i grabed my phone and went on twitter  and asked the same questioni asked myself  and one girl siad that tou need to go for it in the morning i will and she will be mine i fell finally asleep and dreamed

*in 3 years from now*

"darcy"i called and a little girl runns up to me "daddy" i picked her up and smiledthe she keped on saying wake up ....wake .....up

"ahhh" i  screemed when i woke up"harry are u ok?" siad diana







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