Diana +Harry= darcy part 1 (finished)

When she was seven she saw her dead mom and still des to this day how does harry feel read this book to find out .


8. new years



*Diana's p.o.v*

wow its almost the  new year i said to myself setting  up for the big party at the house tonight

and i cant wait to see all of the new people i could meet kesha ,perrie and so many more. harry ran down stares with the boys  "so hows the party going diana" asked liam "its ok so are you guys going some ware "ya are final touches to midnight memory's " i looked at him how long is that going to take ?

"well in tell eleven at night" i looked at harry " ok just be hear for the party" i will siad harry "love you" and we kissed and thay ran out he door and i got ready for the party

*at the party *

"wear are the boys" i siad and then the door was open and harry was coming in  and i ran up to him and it was time everyone  got together






when it was at zero harry kissed me like we were married and when we stopped i smiled  and he did too then  he brought me up to the front and whispered in my ear "sing " so i started to sing midnight memory's one i was done people cheered and harry gave me a hug and then i met the one person i always wanted to meet...Katey perry

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