Diana +Harry= darcy part 1 (finished)

When she was seven she saw her dead mom and still des to this day how does harry feel read this book to find out .


20. hospital or nightmare

*Liams p.o.v*  

"DARCY" I said and she ran to me with her boyfriend "liam I am so dumb "  she was nonstop crying "Darcy it is ok " said her boyfriend and kissed her  "miss .styles !"Darcy ran up to the counter and a young lady walked her too the big doors and me and nash sat down.

*Darcy's p.o.v*

"dad!" i ran up to him. he was crying "Darcy " then the nurse took my dad into surgery 

will i ever see him again?

*nashe's p.o.v*

she walked out crying i ran up to her and held her tight "is he ok?" she looked up " i don't know" she sat down next to me holding my hand "Nash can you take her home" i look over to her sleeping " yea i will " i woke her up and we walked out of the hospital  

"Nash" i look over "yea?" we got into the car " can you stay over" i looked at her " ok i guess " she kissed my cheek  and we drove off

*Darcy's  home *

we got to her house and i picked up Darcy and took her into the house. i put her down gently on the bed and walked out "Nash" i herd her "yea?"  "can you sleep with me tonight" "ok " i laid right next to her she grabed my hand and put it  around her "night" she siad and passed out "night beautiful" she turnaround and kissed me " love you forever "

"and always " we bolth  pass out and held each other tight . 

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