Diana +Harry= darcy part 1 (finished)

When she was seven she saw her dead mom and still des to this day how does harry feel read this book to find out .


22. harry in a coma?

*Nialls p.o.v.* 

"Harry!" I looked around "Harry!" I herd a noise in the little forest  "niall!" I ran towards the voice "Harry" I ran up to him and he had his eyes open "n...I..all."and fell asleep ;I grabbed my phone and called the hospital 

*Darcys p.o.v* 

I got a text .I opens my mail and it was niall I opens it "noooooooooo!"I ran out of the house and graves nashes car keys and nash hoped in "what is wrong "my...dad is in a ..coma "I started to cry "go then "he said and we believe to the hospital as fast as we can 

Why I looked at my dad in the bed "it's all my fault"I looked at my dad is a disappointed they pulled me out of the Room"DADDY!" They told me to go home "no I am not!"I ran up to nash "no!" I started going crazy  "DADDY!" Nash pulled me into his chest tryin to shut me up "babe , calm down"  I start to cry and he held me tight "I bet you he will be ok I promise you " he said and keep on hugging me "can you take me home? " I ask two nash he shook his head yes and held my hand out the door 

*home * 

I go and lay down on my bed and nash did too he held me to his chest again "please don't cry" he say the tears run down my face "get some sleep babe ,I love you forever " I smile "and always "I kiss him but then the kiss was not any other kiss this kiss is a good kiss one that says that he will stay.

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