Diana +Harry= darcy part 1 (finished)

When she was seven she saw her dead mom and still des to this day how does harry feel read this book to find out .


4. food for all

*Diana's p.o.v*

"harry are you...OK?" he just stared at me and then he finally said something "ya,just tired" i smiled "ok i am going to make breakfast for the boys and they are pancakes"  harry smiled "i will get up in a minute " i smiled and ran down to the kitchen and made breakfast.

*Louis p.o.v* 

"what are you talking about Niall?"

"there is a girl in the kitchen making breakfast  and her name is Diana" i was so confused....."
i will get up in a minute"  and i turned over and went back to sleep

"Louis...fine Zayn will listen to me"he slammed the door  finally sleep

*Zayne's p.o.v*

"Niall you just knew that"

"what do you mean"

"its harry s girl" i looked at him because i knew i smelled bacon then i heard "BACON!" we all ran down to the kitchen and we looked at the table it was what a guy would love on there birthday. eggs bacon, pancakes , sausage.we all sat down and Diana was poring milk into cups or us and gave harry the first one and it had a message on it i wonder what i was?




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